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Acknowledging World Mental Health Day

I hesitated about writing this post. Mostly as it feels strange to dive so deeply into personal issues but really when it came down to it, what felt stranger was to let World Mental Health Day go by without acknowledging it here on my blog. Mental health awareness is an issue that is very very… Continue reading Acknowledging World Mental Health Day

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“I’m not the sporty-type”

Everybody: Hey, did you see the game last night?"  Me: "No" Sound familiar?... Throughout my 27 years, I proudly labelled myself as "not interested in sports". While my family cheered for Liverpool, I cheered for anything covered in chocolate. While peers wore their team's jersey, I was dressed in comfy knits and converse. Two years ago,… Continue reading “I’m not the sporty-type”

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A tiny slice of …inspiration

    I am the type of person who seeks out the newest "self-help" book. I will recreate my life plan in my head after just one episode of Oprah and I have boards spilling at the seams with motivational quotes on Pinterest. Funnily enough, none of it really ever sticks. A couple of days… Continue reading A tiny slice of …inspiration

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The reading list: August

Last month's reading list went down a treat so I decided to share Augusts' picks with you all.  To Read: "Wherever you go, there you are"-  by Jon Kabat-Zinn Between one thing and another I've been feeling a little bit stressed of late. Most of the books I read are about either somebody who has… Continue reading The reading list: August

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4 Health-boosting herbal teas to try

There are few things in this world I consider myself an expert on.. but tea is hands down one of them.  Not only is it comforting but it also has some pretty great health benefits. When I'm not nursing a giant mug of Lyons, I'm usually reaching for one of these bad boys... Turmeric This… Continue reading 4 Health-boosting herbal teas to try

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Eye creams for your mid-twenties

  1.   2. 3.   Ugh... I have officially crossed that line of really having to care and look after my skin. Gone are the face wipes and adhoc double cleansing. Wrinkles are just on the horizon and my resting bitch face isn't helping the matter at all. After years of constantly ignoring eye cream's existence I… Continue reading Eye creams for your mid-twenties

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Hiking for Beginners… yes even you!

Up until last October, I could never been an described as an"outdoorsy" person, I didn't own anything waterproof and my idea of a sports shoe was my white pair of Converse. This all changed when my boyfriend and I tackled the 2nd highest peak in the UK; Snowdon Mountain. It my first hike and it… Continue reading Hiking for Beginners… yes even you!

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3 sets of PJs cool enough for Beyonce

Even with a wardrobe jammed packed with clothes and Zara's website on constant auto-refresh, I have to admit that absolutely nothing makes me happier than a good pair of PJS. My usual pair consist of an old baggy band T-shirt and bottoms that are at least 3 sizes too big but every now and again… Continue reading 3 sets of PJs cool enough for Beyonce


5 Summer Dresses for Irish weather

Whether you are planning a staycation or trying to relive your summer holiday back home, here are some of my picks of the best dresses to see you through the changeable Irish summer. The oversized shirt dress  & Other Stores €89  My absolute favourite style of dress.. purely due to the comfort factor. It looks… Continue reading 5 Summer Dresses for Irish weather

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The reading list: July

I read a lot of books and thought it would be fun to share what's waiting on my bookshelf for me in July. To read:   "How to be both" by Ali Smith I bought this second hand from a local charity bookstore about 6-7 months ago. Since then, it has rested on top of… Continue reading The reading list: July