Tried and Tested #1 “Perfectil”

Okay, so to start I would like to begin with my usual apology about the complete lack of posts. I’ve genuinely been very very busy this past month with work and my last ever essay for college (fingers crossed) before I get my degree. I’ve also been pretty sick with an eye infection for the past two weeks and just generally run-down. This fact is actually helpful in introducing the reason behind this post. As you can see from the title of this post, this is going to be the first of many “Tried and Tested” posts that I plan to write in the next few weeks. And today I am trying and testing the award-winning vitabiotic tablets “Perfectil” which boast to contain over 20 essential nutrients to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. It contains (to name a few), 100% of your RDA(daily recommended allowance) of Vitamins D, E, B1,B2, B3 and Zinc etc. It also contains 75% of your RDA of Vitamin C and 86% of your RDA of Iron. According to the information leaflet which comes with each pack it contains all of the nutrients and vitamins that you need each and a general multivitamin is not needed in addition to these tablets. The instructions state that you need only to take one tablet each day after your main meal and that optimimum results occur after a 3month course.

I will admit that I have used this product once before but I did not complete the full course. I will say however, that I found results occurring almost immediately. After a week, I found that there was a definate improvement in the strength and appearence of my nails, my hair felt glossier and there was a definite improvement in my skins condition. After the second week the results were even better. Sadly after these two weeks, I failed miserably at remembering to take them so the results started to vanish.

THIS time, I plan to keep up with the Perfectil for the recommended time of 3months. Today (28/11/11) I am 3 days in and I am hopeful for some dazzling results in the future and I look forward to keeping you guys posted on any improvements. After each month, I shall check back in and record my impressions and any results.

On a side night I would just like to say that, be prepared that in order for you to embark on this 3month course of Perfectil, you must be willing to purchase 3packs. Each pack contains 30 tablets and retails for about 14 euro depending on your retailer. If you are a student from Ireland remember that you get student discount in Boots so it will be relatively cheaper (every little helps, afterall 😉 )

For anybody interested this is a link to their official site where you can get additional information

Thanks for reading guys and watch this space for monthly updates on my experience with Perfectil.

Please keep coming with your comments and suggestions. They are always welcome 🙂

Until thing wishing for Perfection… ha see what I did there 😉

Bye!! Kx :(:)

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