My Current Top Favourite products: Because being faithful to just one product is too hard..

Hey guys, 

It’s still pretty much the beginning of a new year (well in my head anyway)… so to me that means trying new things! This post will be a pretty short and random “list” of my current top favourite products of the moment.. which I have either recently purchased OR have found myself using on a regular basis these past few months. 

1) Yankee Candles: This isn’t exactly what you’d classify as a beauty product.. but it is damn well beautiful! For those of you who are unfamiliar… these are a pretty famous american (kinda obvious from the name..doh) scented candle. They come in a range of absolutely delicious scents and sizes. The only downside to these candles is their price ( ranging from about 10 to 25yo yos depending on size).. but I can wholeheartedly say that they are completely worth it. They last for a ridiculously long time… and unlike a lot of scented candles they actually fill up an entire room with the smell AND you can still smell it throughout the day. The candles cater for everybody’s tastes with scents such as baby powder, black cherry, country lemonade, french vanilla… the list just goes on and on and on. I am currently a proud owner of ” Sweet Strawberry” and “Vanilla Cupcake” (my all time favourite) and I have my eye on “Creamy Caramel” as my next victim (creepy?) I actually bought mine in the large Easons on O’Connel street in Dublin… But you can buy them in their own stores (there’s one in St.Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre), Debenhams, selected florists and of course on their website.Even if you don’t fancy splashing out the cash, there’s no stopping you having a sneaking smell-sample of them all..I could literally spend hours doing it! so… Happy Smelling! 🙂 Here’s a link to their main site if you fancy a creep:

2) L’Oreal “Mythic Oil”: Anybody who frequently watches “beauty gurus” on YouTube will know that this item has quickly become somewhat of a cult product and since purchasing it a few months ago, I now know why! It’s been known as a “dupe” for the famous Moroccan Oil, but with a much more purse-friendly price. I purchased mine at my hairdressers for just under 20 yo yos after being recommended it by my hairdresser to treat my dry ends (I have pretty long hair). This oil can be used on damp or dry hair. I tend to just work it through the ends of my hair after I’ve styled it and it just helps to keep split ends at bay and it simultaneously gives your hair like a really healthy silky look. As far as I know pretty much all hair salons are selling it, as well as selected Boots stores, supermarkets so have a snoop around for it. Oh and I appreciate that 20 yo yos is quite a lot to spend on a hair oil buuuut I have been using it every single day for the past few months and I still have over 95% of the bottle left…so in my opinion it’s an investment buy 😉 …and after all… You’re worth it… eh? 😉 ( wow… L’oreal should be paying me)

3) The “Tangle Teezer”: I understand that this sounds very… random? However guys, it’s actually quickly become pretty much (one) of the loves of my life. To put it really simply, it’s pretty much a type of hairbrush.  Most hairbrushes cause some serious damage to your hair.. all the pulling and tugging can result in split ends and sometimes to the thinning of the hair…however the Tangle Teezer promises to get rid of your hair tangles with minimal to zero damage… and it really does just that! I use it before washing my hair to get out any tangles before shampooing and then just before styling my hair. The only downside to this product is that it is pretty rubbish for styling your hair.. as it is a flat-style brush but it certainly does the job it promises. I’ve noticed an incredible difference to the strength of my hair since using it and the ends of my hair have been in much better condition. Just a little tip: this product is a great partner with the Mythic Oil (mentioned above) in the fight against hair crime…. jus’ sayin’. You can buy your very own hair hero (my own personal nickname btw ha) in Boots, selected pharmacies and Here’s a link to their official site where you can get some cool tips on hair care and to have a peek on what it actually looks like.. because to be fair I’ve painted a pretty weird picture.

4) The “Model’s Own: Nail Art Pen”: I have to admit this is not a new favourite of mine, in fact I’ve been using this product for quite a good few months at this stage.. HOWEVER, these past few weeks, I’ve been finding that I have been acting quite obsessive with it. Anybody who knows me well will know that I have a problem with keeping my nails the same for more than a day or so. I tend to paint my nails about a million times a week (slight exaggeration). I love bright colours ( particularly loving this seasons on trend shades of pastel pinks and greens). What I love most though is cute designs on nails. A personal favourite of mine is the simple but effective polka dot and this product is perfect for creating this look. It’s essential just like a little pen for your nails. You can buy yours in most Boots stores, selected pharmacies and online stores. I personally bought mine on You need to have some patience with this product and with a teeny bit of creativity you can create some seriously awesome designs. Recently I’ve been trying out some leopard-print styles and I’ve been trying to recreate Zoeey Deschanel’s recent red-carpet nail look (

So that’s it guys… short but sweet. Hopefully if you enjoyed this type of post, I might try to do one of them at the end of every or every second month. As usual let me know what you think, leave a comment or email me at and please follow and spread the word. I’m 11 posts in but I’m still VERY much a newbie so i need all the help I can get. Also for anybody who is interested I’m currently working on a joint YouTube account and should hopefully have my first video up and ready very soon so watch this space.

Thanks again to anybody who took the time to read this.. really appreaciate it..Oh and bear with me… they will get better ha!

Until next time thaaaaaaanks and bye! Kx 🙂 Image

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15 thoughts on “My Current Top Favourite products: Because being faithful to just one product is too hard..

  1. Thanks for following my blog 🙂 I have to agree with you about Yankee Candles, they are amazing!! My mum is obsessed with them so her house always smells gorgeous. The cupcake/cookie ones always make me hungry though! x

    1. Very true… The vanilla cupcake one makes me crave anything that contains sugar! Need to find one that will make me want to exercise now ha! Thanks so much for checking out my blog btw.. Look forward to reading more of your posts in the future! 🙂

      1. Haha one that made you want to exercise would be perfect! As long as it doesn’t smell of sweat and feet, their the only smells that I could think of that are exercise related lol x

  2. Two of my friends bought their girlfriends those yankee candles for valentines and I’ve been wondering what the fuss was about! I think I’m going to go have a look for them 🙂 and I’ll try that oil because myhair is so heavily dyed and bleached I’m always in need of anything that will help with dry ends, 🙂

    1. Ha yeah I was the same. Before I was like ehhhh it’s JUST a candle…calm down. But now.. my god.. they are just amazing. Seriously just go and smell them. And yeah you totally should. My hairdresser recommends it mostly for anybody who dyes their hair on a regular basis or for anybody who uses a lot of heat on their hair (me 😦 ) It’s really good… like it actually does what it is supposed to do… which is quite rare with hair products I find!

    1. Hi there! Yes you really do need it! I’m not sure about the US.. do you guys have any L’oreal products over there?

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