Where have you been??!


*cue (very bad) singing of Rihanna’s song* Whhhhhhheeeeeeere haaaaaave youuuuuu beeeeeeenn……aaaaaaaal my liiiiifffffe”….ahem….

Ok, I guess I owe you guys an explanation for my extreme MIA-ness over the past few months. I’ve already briefly explained in a post before Christmas that I had moved into a new flat and started a new job. These things, as you know, take up A LOT of time.. mentally and physically. It’s taken me a while to get all settled in and to get practical things like my internet etc. up and running. This is the first time in aaaaages that I actually feel that I have time in my life to blog again… which I’m obviously VERY EXCITED about. I missed everything about blogging but especially hearing from all of you lovely readers. I’d like to thank everybody who has stuck around long enough to read this post and I’d also like to say a huge HOLLAH at any new readers/ followers. 2013 is going to have a mahoooosive amount of blog posts so hold on to your socks folks. 

Happy belated Christmas and new years to all my followers and I’ll be talking to you real soon in my next post!

Bye Kx:) 

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2 thoughts on “Where have you been??!

  1. Great to see you back!.. Actually just couple of days back, i thought of sending an email just to check on you and imagine my surprise when i saw this post in my inbox :)…. All the best with your new job!

    1. Aw thank you so much! Yes, it’s taken me a while to get back on to the swing of things but I’m so happy to be back blogging. Lovely to hear from you..:) x

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