Sunday’s Lustlist #1

Sunday’s are international lazy days. For me, this means copious amounts of tea, Teen Mom on MTV and  some serious internet “research” (*ahem*shopping*ahem*)

Here are some of the things I want (no, NEED!) this week…

River Island studded Gladiators
River Island studded Gladiators

My piggies have been cooped up in boots and Uggs for the past few weeks and need to be set free STAT! Weather pending…I’m in dire need of some summer shoes. These babies are at the top of my list. Get them at River Island now!

Asos comic print clutch
Asos comic print clutch

Who doesn’t need a comic print clutch?! This bad boy will add fun to even the most drab outfit. Bring on payday!!

Zara monochrome skirt
Zara monochrome skirt

Keeping with the monochrome print, Zara does it again with this sarong style black and white stripe skirt. Will look great dressed up or casual with a pair of old converse.

Topshop Leopard Print bandeau
Topshop Leopard Print bandeau

So whacky that it’s great? Yes…. It really is. Great under a plain black vest top or sheer shirt.

Asos green tote with tassel detail
Asos green tote with tassel detail

My heart belongs to this bag… I want it.. I need it…Please can I just have it! ??

Asos embellished statement necklace
Asos embellished statement necklace

Even though I’ve probably surpassed the limit of normal amount of necklaces for a girl to own… one more couldn’t hurt…right?!

Topshop Bow Clip
Topshop Bow Clip

There’s a floral print bow-tie hole in my soul…and this is just the thang to fill it! Nerdy-chic is set to stay with this one!

MAC's Costa Chic Lipstick
MAC’s Costa Chic Lipstick

Another day..and another MAC lipstick lustering. I simply won’t stop until I have them ALL!! Mwahahaha!

*enter drool marks here*

I would love to know- what is on your Lustlist for this week?

Thanks for reading!

-KATE- x

Links to all listed above: (cause I’m nice like that 😉 )

River Island gladiators:

Asos comic clutch:

– Zara monochrome skirt:

– Topshop leopard print bandeau:

–  Asos Green Tote:

– Asos statement necklace:

– Topshop floral bow tie:

MAC’s Costa Chic lipstick:

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4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Lustlist #1

  1. Great to see you back Kate! I love the green bag, I actually just bought a small green bag from Zara this weekend in the same colour, you’d probably really like it! I love MAC Costa Chic, but I have Vegas Volt and they are very similar so I don’t know if I could justify it but it’s so amazing in the Summer, I wore it all last Summer! Hope you had a great weekend!

    Emma x

  2. i’ve been seeing the zara skirt everywhere, it’s fab. i’m currently lusting after the ‘boys dont cry’ blush from the NARS ‘Pierre Hardy’ collection, so pretty! x

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