Sunday’s Lust List #2

Phew…. ANOTHER week gone and that means ANOTHER Sunday’s Lust List for y’all. I’ll be honest, my week has been mental! Work, work work ….and eh more work! I haven’t had much time (or money…whooops) to go into actual shops but I’ve been doing some internet “window shopping”  and here’s the things I NEED (want) this week:

Miss Dior Perfume
Miss Dior Perfume

I’ve been in a very I-need-a-new-perfume mood all month but this week in particular I’ve actually started to do a little bit of research into which one to get. I’ve wanted this bad boy for aaaages. Despite it’s pretty hefty price tag, I feel this baby will be mine very soon.

Clinique Even Better Eyes eye cream
Clinique Even Better Eyes eye cream

Y’know the old saying, “prevention is better than the cure”? Well I feel I need to apply this when it comes to skincare. As I’m slowly and scarily progressing into my mid-20’s I feel as if I can no longer overlook the eye cream section in the beauty world. I’ve heard marvellous things about this one in particular. Watch this space for in-depth reviews and hopefully miracle results *fingers crossed*

OFFICE tan brogues
OFFICE tan brogues

With Ireland starting to get warm-ish weather, I want to take advantage and get me some new summery clothes and accessories. I’m sick of wearing boots and I’m in dire need of some lighter footwear. These tan brogues from Office seem to be the perfect shoes for the job. They’ll go with loads and look comfy to do me in those busy days at work.

Zara Neon clutch
Zara Neon clutch

Heck, I’m aaaall about the NEON this month…and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. My newest fluro-crush is this beauty from Zara. The perfect companion to any dull or plain outfit… I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. (great price as well…wooh!)

River Island Biker Jacket
River Island Biker Jacket

Could this jacket be any cooler?! I’ve fallen in love with this verging-on-tacky jacket from River Island. I fear that my life would never be the same again if I don’t buy this soon. This would be the perfect statement piece for anybody this summer. Cant wait to wear mine with skinnies and heeled wedges!

Spike belt from Asos
Spike belt from Asos

I’m always on the look out for a new belt. I recently bought a few dresses for work that need some “toughening up” and I think this belt would definitely do it. I’m a big spike fan so this is just up my alley.

Urban Outfitter's Dress
Urban Outfitter’s Dress

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve found THE summer dress…and it’s this Minkpink Aztec print dress from Urban Outfitters. This dress can be dressed up, dressed down.. heck..worn any dayum way you like..and it would still look amazing. Bang on trend and would flatter any figure. YUM!!!

And just for fun:

Urban Outfitter's Mug
Urban Outfitter’s Mug

Anyone who knows me will know of my not so secret mug fetish. This one has tickled my fancy. Floral, cat, glasses, nerdy… Yes yes yes yes please!


Okay, so that’s everything on my wish-list for this week… now I just need some DOLLAH to buy it all…hmmmm!…

I’d love to hear from you and what’s on your sunday lust list this week? Leave me a comment below. 🙂

Thanks for reading guys and until next time,


-KATE- x

Linky-plinks ( because I’m lovely like that 😉 ) 

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  3. Office brown brogues:
  4. ZARA Neon Clutch:
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  6. Asos Spike Belt:
  7. Urban Outfitter’s Dress:
  8. Urban Outfitter’s Mug:

If you need any more info on anything I’ve featured above, please let me know and I’ll get back to you asap! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Lust List #2

  1. Love the jacket and the shoes Kate. I look forward to reading ur blogs I always learn something new.

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