Sleepingbootay’s Summer-ready Guide: Skin Edition

I’m not gonna lie, I’m an all year-round pamper fiend. I will literally find any excuse to pamper myself and would happily spend hours trailing along the aisles at Boots looking for new products to try out. However, there is something about Summer that makes me go that extra mile during the pampering process. Be it an extra step in my regime or adding that certain new product, I’m all about the summer prep. This edition is going to focus on my steps to summer ready skin.

My summer prep kit
My summer prep kit

1) Exfoliate: Soap & Glorys Breakfast scrub combined with the Boots Body Brush is my ultimate dry skin weapon duo. I use the body brush before the shower on dry skin to boost my circulation, get rid of the majority of dry skin and to bust the dreaded cellulite…ish! (ha) Then it’s on to the Breakfast Scrub which to be honest is the best darn scrub I’ve ever used in my life! Not only does it make your mouth water, it smells so good but it also leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft and really moisturised, which is unusual for a scrub. It’s the perfect product to get you out of bed in the morning.

SEEYAH to dry skin!
SEEYAH to dry skin

2) Moisturise:  When it comes to body lotions and potions, I’m the queen of hoarders. I have no willpower and find myself buying more and more even though I have so many already waiting for me at home. Because of this, I use quite a few simultaneously and I find it hard to choose favourites. Right now, I’m using Dove’s Purely Pampering Body Cream at night time when I really want a deep moisture boost. I use Sanctuary’s Body Moisture spray right after the shower, to help lock in moisture and give my body that glowy look. Lastly, I always find myself going back to an ol’ favourite of mine, the Soap & Glory body butter, if not for it’s great effects to my skin, it’s the incredibly addictive scent. I want to eat all of their products!!


3)De-fuzz: Possibly the least glamorous of all the steps but in my opinion the most important. Nobody wants hairy pits or pins in the summer so it’s de-fuzzing aaaall the way. I recently picked up the new Gilette shaving foam with a touch of Olay as a recommendation from a friend and I’m already hooked. Most shaving foams leave my skin very dehydrated and irritated but this one goes on and off like a dream. I use it in combination with my trusty Venus razor and I am SORTED!

Unstoppable hair removal duo
Unstoppable hair removal duo

4)Tan: Now, as you’ve probably all have seen from my pics, I’m quite the pale lass. Tanning to me is not an ongoing process and is actually quite the chore. I hate the smell, the drying process and of course that dreaded possibility of streaks. That was until Dove answered mytanning prayers. I’m a huge supporter of Dove products, I love how simple and effective they are. I love the fresh scent and I love the company’s outlook in general. So when I was very luckily sent their new Summer Glow Gradual Tanner to try out, I was of course, THRILLED. This gradual tan goes on like a body lotion, doesn’t have the biscuity smell and dries relatively quick. I was also really impressed that I was left with literally no streaks whatsoever: Fool proof innit! I’ve been using this for a while now and I can already tell that it will be a permanent member of my summer pamper kit!

Swatch of Dove's Gradual tanner
Swatch of Dove’s Gradual tanner
My new favourite thing
My new favourite thing

That’s all for now guys. If you liked this, make sure you keep your peepers peeled for my next Summer ready Guide: The feet edition…Yikes! I’d also love to hear what products you have in your summer prep kit? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys,

Until next time,


-KATE- x

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