Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #1

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With the increase of beauty blogs, beauty magazines and beauty YouTube channels, many new and confusing beauty terms are thrown around at a whim. But when it comes down to it, how many of us actually understand this jargon? When you buy a new product, most of us want to know what’s in it and what the hell we are applying onto our bodies. However, we are often left tongue-tied and in dismay at the ever confusing ingredients list.

Well no fear folks, my new series of posts; “Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained” is aimed to explain and define what these terms mean and make it a little easier when it comes to delving into the beauty world!

So without further delay, here’s my first batch of Jibber Jabber, …learning caps at the ready guys and prepare to get beauty-term savvy!

  1. Allergen: This is a substance that can cause an allergic reaction. Allergens can be found in a variety of sources and can depend on the sensitivity of the individual. If you are part of the sensitive folk team, look out for Allergen-free on the labels of products.
  2. Benzoyl Peroxide: An antibacterial ingredient commonly used in acne treatments. It works as a peeling agent on the skin, increasing skin turnover, reducing bacterial count and clearing pores. Can be very very harsh on the skin and needs to be used in tiny portions.
  3. Blackheads: A term used to describe the skin’s pores clogged by natural oils and impurities, named due to its appearance on the skin as little black dots on the pores.
  4. Burdock: A root extract with antibacterial properties. May also reduce inflammations such as rashes, redness, acne, eczema. Can be purchased from many heath stores in tablet form as a supplement to help promote good skin.
  5. Cellulite: Pretty much the buzzword of the 21st century, this evil thang can be described as small deposits of fat and other material trapped in pockets beneath the skin. Booooo!
  6. Collagen: A natural substance within body tissues,making up about 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. In the cosmetic world, It can be injected into the skin to plump up particular areas.
  7. Dermabrasion: A procedure in which the skin is sanded to improve its texture. Microdermabrasion uses a type of sand to abrade the skin, usually done by an esthetician or a cosmetic doctor. Newer products in the beauty world are now containing dermabrasion  properties allowing you to “do it yourself” at home.
  8. Emulsifier: A thickening agent added to products to change their physical composition. For example, it can turn a lotion into a cream.
  9. Hyaluronic Acid: An acid that occurs naturally in the skin, helps retain the skin’s natural moisture.
  10. Non-comedogenic: Also called non-occlusive. Refers to products that do not cause skin breakouts because they do not plug the pores of the skin. This is a biggy when purchasing beauty products and should be top of the list for those that suffer from breakouts in particular!

Okay guys, that’s all for my first instalment of Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained. If you liked it, and would like to see more, please let me know in a comment below!

Until next time, bye and thanks for reading!

-KATE- x

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