Sleepingbootay Reviews: Lush “Rudolf” Face Mask

Face masks make me pull crazy faces.

I’m a lady of comfort and I’m all about the pampering! My favourite part of pampering has got to be face masks…Optimum results with minimal effort all the way!  On a recent visit to one of my favourite stores Lush, I had popped in to pick up a lip scrub and came out with their newest fresh face mask Rudolf  as well…Ooops! 😉

lush rudolf face mask

Rudolf was tailor made to tackle prickly winter skin and irritated red noses brought on by extreme weather conditions. Being an Irish lassie  familiar with the turmoil of cold,windy and rainy winters, I just couldn’t say no! My usual Lush face mask of choice is Oatifix for its’ soothing properties but I feel like Rudolf is right on par with calming ingredients such as cucumber, oatmeal, tofu, aloe vera and calamine powder (a sensitive gal’s dream right there!)

If that doesn’t sound good enough already, tiny exfoliating particles buff the skin while the rest of the ingredients work on soothing the skin and calming redness…which is all a.o.k in my books! Scent-wise it’s not the sweetest smelling product that you can find in Lush but it does the job brilliantly all the while  making you look utterly ridiculous! Win win!


Application is simple: get into your comfies (fluffy socks all the way!), slap on a generous layer of this yummyness, lay back for 10-15mins, relax and let it work it’s magic! Red nose optional!

If any of this sounds tempting to you, I’d advise you to rush out and grab this bad boy before they run out! Besides who can resist a Christmassy sounding purchase?!

Even my boyfriend likes it!
[WARNING: Boyfriends may steal this from your fridge…. hide carefully!] (For all you lazy shoppers out there or if you’d just like a gander)

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