You know you’re a Beauty Junkie when…

The face of a true crazed Beauty Junkie
  • You have 10 different shades of pink nail varnishes/ lipsticks  and they are ALL different and necessary
  • Beauty blogs are your daily news.. your mecca of information. Weather forecast… cloudy with a chance of smokey eye!
  • Boots is your second home where the staff know your name. Awkward.
  • When you contain so many “beauty rewards cards” that your purse is literally impossible to close.

Beauty rewards cards

  • You have a product wish list which is longer and more important than your grocery or “To do” list!
  • You will purchase a product purely because it will look amazing on your bedside locker.. “Hello hand cream I have yet to open but oh you look so pretty”…sound familiar?
  • You cringe at the idea of spending 30 euro on your phone bill but will happily shed out over 50 squid for the newest and most craved moisturiser. Logic.
  • 90% of shower time is taken up with the dreaded decision of what combination of products to use.
Shower essentials
Shower essentials
  • When your fridge contains more beauty products than actual food. Lush, I’m blaming you!!
  • Pretty much the worst thing that can happen in your world… is a smashed blusher or bronzer…oh the horror. RIP Nars Laguna *sniff*
Officially heartbroken
Officially heartbroken
  • You keep a new product in it’s box for weeks after you purchase it. Not only does this bad boy need to be papped within an inch of its life but it also looks prettier on the shelf. Winning.
  • When “swatching” a product becomes second nature and the majority of the pics in your phones’ photo gallery are pictures of swatched products.
Swatches of lipsticks (in order: Watch me Simmer and Please Me)
Swatches of lipsticks (in order: Watch me Simmer and Please Me)
  • Your friend asks can they borrow a lip balm and you offer them 10 options including a lip tint and  a mini tutorial on the importance of lip scrubbing.
1/100th of my collection...seriously
1/100th of my collection…seriously
  • When that rosy glow on your cheeks isn’t from the cold weather or healthy diet but from that new blush you’ve been dying to try out!
  • And lastly…You’ve read this post and have found that there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything I’ve just mentioned.

Well i’mma admit that I scored a full-pointer on this one. Guilty as charged. I just can’t help myself!

But how did you guys score? Leave your comments and score below.. I’m off to rehab!

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11 thoughts on “You know you’re a Beauty Junkie when…

  1. Whilst reading this post, i genuinely considered whether you had robbed my stuff over night! I literaaly own about 95% of the products in the pictures, with the odd one or two just being different smells or flavours.. I scored high in the beauty addict (i need beauty rehab) xx

  2. Oh boy!…. I am a 100% certified beauty junkie. I found myself smiling at these points. It’s my sentiments exactly!. Lovely post. Seriously. It made me smile!

    1. Ah I’m really glad, I really enjoyed writing this post! Had so much more to add but I had to stop somewhere! Ha! Glad I made you smile! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

    1. Aw thanks so much! Ha I think most of us beauty bloggers will score very highly! Thanks for your comment and for reading! 🙂

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