Sleepingbootay’s Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts under €15

Ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho!

Christmas is upon us and can often be quite a stressful time money-wise when it comes to gift-giving. I’m here today to show you that you can give awesome gifts for just under €15! Here are 10 of my picks of some gifts I’d love to see crop up in my stocking this year! (All links to my gift ideas will be at the end of the post)

1) This Works “The Dream Team Sleep Duo” from ASOS pillow spray and roller-ball: Got any friends in college? Busy and tired from work? Parents who find it hard to sleep? Or just general stress-heads like myself? Well, then this gift is PERFECT. Two of the brands best sellers in cute gift form. You get both the pillow spray and roller-ball which have been ranted and raved about throughout the entire “blog-osphere”  (so, you know it’s good). This is going to be a Christmas present to myself this year. 🙂 (1)

A little Christmas gift from Me to Me I think! ;)
A little Christmas gift from Me to Me I think! 😉

2) Penguin Classics Book (hard-cover version): One of my favourite gifts to receive are books, but what’s even better than that? Yep, you’ve guessed it; a book that looks good on your shelf too. These penguin classics will bring back fond childhood memories, all the while looking pretty on your bedside locker. Such a lovely gift to give the little bookworm in your life. *cough, hint hint family* cough*….. 😉 (2)

Any book-lovers dream
Any book-lovers dream

3) The Body Shop body butter: What can I say about these, only that they are bloomin’ lovely. They smell and feel gorgeous and they last such a long time. I love getting these as a gift as they are slightly on the pricey side and something I’d rarely purchase for myself, so it’s a nice treat come Christmas time to use a more “luxurious” feeling body butter. (3)

My Personal Favourite: Mango!
My Personal Favourite: Mango!

4) Lush set/bath bombs: When it comes to gifts, you really cannot go wrong with Lush. Fool-proof for anybody who likes good-smelling shizz,…. which is pretty much everyone so it’s WIN WIN! Lush do some pretty great gift sets themselves which are already pre-wrapped beautifully but you could always mix and match yourself and maybe add in a few of your personal favourites. I can pretty much guarantee that anybody would love a Lush gift. They are lying to themselves otherwise! (4)

Baby Frosty.. even the name is adorable!
Baby Frosty.. even the name is adorable!

5) Woolly Treats: hat/scarf/gloves : Who could say no to a practical gift? And if so, who could say no to a COSY practical gift. Everybody likes to stay warm at Christmas, so why not give the gift of cosy this Christmas with a hat, scarf or gloves. ASOS is my favourite place for affordable yet quirky wooly accessories. You won’t be disappointed. Check out my top pick below! (5)

These have my name written ALL over them!!
These have my name written ALL over them!!

6) Hand-made mobile phone cover:

The world has gone gah-gah for phone covers recently…the wackier the better. So why not jump on the bandwagon and buy one as a Christmas gift this year. You can buy them pretty much anywhere these days but Etsy have some brilliant hand-made designs which are unique to anything you’ll buy on the high-street. Just make sure you buy for the right phone model! (6)

Just Yes.
Just Yes.

7) Costume jewellery: who says jewellery has to cost a bomb. My favourite jewellery is bought cheaply from the high street or from a market and there are some really great pieces out there. I’m not normally a “diamond” fan but these black diamonte earrings from River Island have work Christmas party written all over them (7)

So dayum pretty!
So dayum pretty!

8) Nail art kit: Got a friend who loves to pimp out her claws? Make up your own nail art kit. Nail art pens are inexpensive on Ebay and Amazon. Grab a couple of Barry M nail varnishes and a pack of nail wraps and you’re done! 🙂 (8)

Who doesn't love a bitta glitter?!
Who doesn’t love a bitta glitter?!

9) Christmas in a jar: I saw a few ideas like this floating around on Pinterest before and I loved it! Such a simple idea, easy to make but would be such a lovely gift to give. Perfect for maybe a teacher, parents in law, work colleauge.. anyone! You can get cheap mason jars pretty much anywhere these days and then fill it up with the ingredients of your choice. Here are a few of my favourites:

Yummy present!
Yummy present!

10) And lastly I thought I’d include another little DIY option for any crafty peeps out there. Why not create your own home-made hamper tailor-made for the person you are giving it too. Use an old shoe box, cover it in nice paper, fill it with tissue paper and then get creative. Pamper kits, cooking kits, knitting kit, travel kits, food, accessories, make-up… the ideas are endless. Nice for the person who has it all and it’s such a thoughtful gift to receive. (10)

Hope this gift-guide was somewhat helpful and gave you some ideas! If you liked this post, keep your peepers peeled for my next post which will be my Gifts under €50!

Thanks for reading guys

Sleepingbootay signature finalHelpful linky-plinks:

1. Asos This Works The Dream Team Sleep Dup set:

2. Penguin Classics Hardcover version:

3. The Body Shop Body Butters:

4. Lush Gift sets:

5. Asos Snowman Mittens,12&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=White

6. Homemade Mobile Phone Covers from Etsy:

7. River Island Black Diamonte Earrings:

8. Nail art options from Asos: Also some really great alternatives on Ebay and Amazon!

9. Brownie Mix and manicure set:

10. DIY Homemade Hamper Inspiration:

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5 thoughts on “Sleepingbootay’s Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts under €15

  1. Just found your blog via twitter! *waves*
    I loved reading your gift guide, it’s great to find some under e15, especially when you’re trying to save! Didn’t realize you could buy the nail glitter on asos, think i’ll have to order some to pop in with some of my friends gifts 🙂 x

  2. Hi there!! *waves back* Aw thanks so much, I’m glad you liked it! I love buying Christmas presents but sometimes it’s hard to find nice things on a budget! Let me know if you get the nail art! They have a good selection of nail art sets on there now.. you should have a peek! Thanks again for reading! 🙂

  3. Wonderful gift ideas…..I too love receiving books…and those look really cute…
    and love your DIY home made hamper kit idea too 🙂
    Hope you have a great holidays!!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I really really love those books.. think I might need to treat myself! ha!
      Thanks again and hope you enjoy the festive season too! ::)

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