Sleepingbootay’s Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts under €50


Hey guys,

So I know that a lot of you probably have your Christmas shopping well under swing by now but if you are struggling with gift ideas for that special someone then FEAR NOT, cause Sleepingbootay’s got yo back yo!  Here’s my guide to the best gifts under €50! (All links of the gifts at the end of the post)

1) Make-up palettes: If there’s one palette any gal should own it’s the Urban Decay Naked palette… I’ve raved about it numerous times on my blog and rightly so, cause it’s bloomin’ marvellous! If she already has the first one, there’s always two more to choose from! 😉 ( I’ve heard from the grapevine that Naked 3 is to be the best yet…excited!) (1)

My much loved Naked palette
My much loved Naked palette

2) Yankee Candle:   If you haven’t heard about Yankee Candles than you have definitely been living under a rock the past few years. Yankee Candles are so popular and have crept into the wishlists of pretty much every beauty blog I’ve ever read. They last a long time, have a powerful scent and have possibly the most adorable names ever. It’s the perfect gift for anyone and with so many unique scents to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. Christmas Cookie is my all time festive favourite and I look forward to everything in my room smelling edible-y delicious. (2)

 Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie

3) “Girls” The boxset; Anyone who has seen this show, wants it and anyone who hasn’t seen it… is ridiculous. Just kidding, but they really should. Possibly one of my newest favourite shows. It’s downright hilarious and scarily realistic. Every girl should own this… Just sayin’.  If by any insane chance that the person doesn’t like Girls, or more likely, actually owns it already, there are plenty more boxsets where that came from. Popular shows include, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Dexter etc… well they are on my list anyway. (3)

Girls Season 2 boxset

4) Tea gift sets: Look away now coffee-lovers because this one is reserved for all my fellow tea-enthusiasts out there. This gift caught my eye a couple of months ago and I think it’s such a brilliant idea. For those looking to steer away from their ol’ reliable Barry’s or Lyons every now again and perhaps dabble in a few new flavours, Teapigs has you sorted. With plenty of gift sets to choose from you are guaranteed to give someone the best cuppa of the season. My pick from the lot is this set of 12 tester packs which you can choose yourself. I’ve got my eye on the Popcorn one…. mmmm.(4)

Teapigs Sample box gift set

5) Hidden Treasures Candle: On my weekly internet candle search (don’t ask) I came across this new discovery and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! It’s basically a candle containing a piece of jewellery.After a couple of burns, the piece of jewellery is revealed like magic! I love this because it’s basically a 2 gifts in 1 jobby and even after the candle has gone you are still left with something sparkly. This is well-suited to the girly-girl in your life or someone who loves a good surprise. Who knows, I might “surprise” myself with one this Christmas too.  (5)

Hot Chocolate Treasure Candle

6) Eccentric Molecules perfume :  Have you ever panicked down the perfume aisle clutching desperately on to hundreds of testers trying to pick that perfect scent for that special someone? Well, NO More… Kate’s got you covered guys. This incredibly clever invention allows you to buy the one perfume for all. Now I’m not too savvy on the sciencey bits but all I know is that the elements in the perfume react to everybody differently to create their own unique scent. Neat! Right?! My mouse has been hovering over the “Buy now” button of this bad boy for quite some time now…(6)

Escentric Molecules Perfume

7) Ted Baker Make-up bag: I blame Instagram and Pinterest for this one. For over 2 years now I have resisted the hype of the TED Baker make-up bag, convincing myself that it wasn’t worth it. But I can no longer deny it’s beauty. They come in a range of colours and patterns but I can’t stop staring at the classic white version. *drools* (7)

Ted Baker make-up bag

8) Gift Vouchers:I never usually recommend giving a voucher as a gift but choose one with a twist and you could make someone very jolly this Christmas. I personally think a voucher to a beauty salon would make a perfect gift and will give the person something to look forward to long after Christmas is over. Also, a lot of large cosmetic companies now offer make-up lessons or tutorials which are reasonably priced and perfect for any make-up junkies or beginners. (8)

Beauty Gift voucher

9) DIY food hamper: Everybody has a foodie in their life that’s impossible to buy for. So why not give them what they want; Food. Create your own food hamper filling it with perhaps a selection of their favourite foods and a helpful cookbook. New students; help them with a stock-up of non-perishable foods and a student budget cookbook. Or why not try create a themed hamper? A cute idea would be a French/ Parisian themed affair. Stuff the hamper with macaroons, a selection of cheeses, crackers, pastry recipes etc. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want that?! My mouth is watering at this I better move on… (9)

This Irish food hamper is great for anybody living abroad! :)
This Irish food hamper is great for anybody living abroad! 🙂

10)  Beauty box subscription: Why give someone a gift in December when you can give them a gift for every month of the year. Beauty box subscriptions are a nifty idea for any beauty bloggers or product enthusiasts like myself. For those of you who are unfamiliar, let me explain. It’s a box that is sent each month filled with a mixture of full-sized and sample sized products for you to try out. The brands range from cheap to luxury and gives you a chance to try something out before you fully commit. I subscribed to Glossybox for a few months and I’d highly recommend it! (10)

An old Glossybox I received
An old Glossybox I received

Ok guys, that’s it for now, I’m all fresh outta gift ideas. I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully got some present inspiration. If this was a bit above your budget then check out my previous post which was my gift guide for gifts under €15   OR if you really feel like dealing out the doh this Christmas then keep your peepers peeled for my next gift guide for gifts under €100 which will be on here real soon!

Thanks for reading guys!

Bye!! 🙂

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