Beauty and The Face: What is your skin trying to tell you?

Every now and again, we remember what’s under our coveted beauty products and we realise that true outer beauty really comes down to how we treat our insides. Our face..well, mostly our skin, is the biggest tell-tale to any health problems that might be going on and will help us find out what we need to alter maybe in our diet/lifestyle to fix this.

Here’s my guide to the tell-tale face, where health meets beauty! (Each number/zone indicates a certain area on the face and below I will explain what organs they are connected with and the reasons as to why you may be having skin problems in these certain parts)

face chart

Zone 1 & 2: (Top of your forehead) is connected with the Bladder and Digestive System:  Need more liquids and perhaps more fibre.

Zone 3 😦Between your eyebrows) is connected with the  Liver: This can indicate a certain allergy, try cutting out common food allergy groups such as meat, dairy and alcohol.

Zone 4 : (Bridge of nose) is connected with the Heart: Check your blood pressure. Make sure you are getting enough iron and cut down on saturated fats, particularly animal fats.

Zone 5:  (Chin) is connected with the Stomach:  If area is quite badly affected. Take a look at your diet. Are you eating enough fibre? Eating too much sugar? To clear this area, consider a light detox of herbal teas, oat porridge and green veg.

Zone 6 & 7: (Areas around and at the side of the mouth): is connected with the Hormones: Hormonal breakouts can be controlled by adding more water and leafy greens to your diet. For girls, breakouts around this area can sometimes indicate when you are ovulating.

Zone 8 & 9 : (Area close to your ears): is connected with the Kidneys: Spots in this region can indicate that you are not getting enough fluids. To avoid the risk of dehydration, increase your amount of water intake but decrease dehydrating drinks such as fizzy minerals or coffee.

Zone 10 : (Neck) : Breakouts/blemishes on the neck can sometimes indicate that you are fighting off an illness or a bacteria of some sort. Increase your fluids and get plenty of rest. Also a great time to get more vitamin C!

At the risk of sounding annoying, I hope that I’ve shown that you really are what you eat, and a lot of what you eat can control how you look from the outside. So put down the leftover selection boxes and grab that lettuce gals!

Hope this helped out or at the very least was somewhat interesting!

Thanks for reading guys,

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