2014; Getting my bootay in gear!

Since I’m queen of jumping on the ol’ bandwagon, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t write the obligatory January “Health kick” blog post. Every single year, I promise myself that I will join the gym, quit the evil Diet Coke, drink more water…yadda yadda yadda. January starts off great but once we creep into February, I’m back to having Mars bars for breakfast again. This year, I’m going public with my intentions to become healthier, in an attempt to keep myself motivated. Each week, I’ll show a snippet from my health regime and update you on my progress (hopefully!).

Ugly trainers and herbal tea
Ugly trainers and herbal tea

To start me off, I thought I would write myself a wee list of “health resolutions” to keep myself on tract and give myself some goals to work towards.

My health resolutions:

-ACTUALLY join the gym, just simply picking up the membership form and leaving it on your bedside table “for later” doesn’t count!

– Stop “having the need” to buy a hot chocolate for the walk home after work each evening.

– On my days off, instead of lying in bed watching re-runs of Gossip girl, get off my bootay and go for a morning walk.

– Be a bit more adventurous with my meals. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean brown rice and veg EVERY SINGLE DAY.

– Treat yourself to some proper fitness gear. One tracksuit just isn’t enough. And no, it isn’t a fashion parade. Conquer your fear of sport shops!

– This one is pretty standard but get your 2 litres a day of water! No excuses.

-Stop skipping breakfast. Be more prepared and think of exciting/different breakfasts to keep myself interested.

– Bring lunches to work. Eating out is expensive and fattening! Boooo!

Now don’t worry, it will be nothing drastic and I will still be eating my beloved Dominoes every now and again (NOM) but hopefully 2014 will be the year that Sleepingbootay gets her bootay in gear. *waves goodbye sadly to the last chocolate selection box*

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