A quick cuppa and a catch-up…

Phew, the last month has gone by so quickly  in a blur of work, sleep, work, sleep. Sometimes, with all the beauty chatter on here, I forget to check in with y’all. No fear, my usual make-up chit chat will proceed as normal but for now, I thought I’d grab a mug of tea and do a quick catch up.

Tea, chats and blogging

So, what’s new with me this week?

Hair: So lately, I’ve been trying out a centre parting. Still not entirely sure what to make of it. I’m teetering between looking like either one of the Kardashians or a serial killer, but overall, I’m really enjoying a break from my classic “side-fringe” which I’ve had for too long now. What do you guys think?

Short hair w/ centre parting

Make-up: The past week or two have been big for me as I’ve gone minimalistic all the way when it comes to make-up .This was the week, I embarked on my Bare Minerals foundation journey and boy was it a right turn! I’m really enjoying the no-make-up-feel and the au-natural look. Of course, I still have my higher coverage liquid foundations stashed away for emergencies but for now I’m happy out!

T.v: I’m just gonna put it out there but I’ve been obsessing over Honey Boo Boo. It’s a sick addiction but I love it. I’ve never wanted to be Southern so much in my dayum life. ” It is what it is”. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve watched 7 episodes in a row and it’s highly likely that I’ll watch one once I’ve finished this post.  It’s pretty much the definition of #sorrynotsorry.

Books: I started reading the book “Philomena”. I’m not even really a cry-er but I’m only on Chapter 3 and I’ve nearly blubbed twice already. Dying to see the film now.. …pass the tissues!!


Fashion: I recently ordered this shirt from Romwe and I’m smitten. I’m really into crazy prints at the moment and I haven’t seen a shirt like this anywhere yet. Apart from that I’ve pretty much been swooning over the entire Zara collection online every night…but then again, what’s new?!

Food: Eating breakfast for dinner has become a routine recently. Due to part-laziness/part-immaturity, I’ve been really enjoying a mixture of tea and toast and some of my favourite childhood cereals (three whoops for Cheerios!) just before bedtime these days.

Banana Pancakes

Now, enough about me, what’s been new with all you lovely people?

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