W7 “In the Buff” palette – A drugstore Naked palette dupe?

The world is still pretty much in a Naked palette frenzy and I don’t think that’s about to change any time soon. Everyone and their neighbours’ nan seems to have their hands on one of them and rightly so, but for those looking to save their pennies on a waaaay cheaper similar palette, I think I might have the solution for you!

Recently, my boyfriend’s sister, very kindly bought the W7 In the Buff palette for me. I’ve been coveting this bad boy for yonks now but since receiving the Naked palettes, I had completely forgotten all about it. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been putting this palette to every beauty blogger test and here is what I have found.

W7 In the Buff eyeshadow palette

On first glance, the palettes themselves are all very similar. With neaaarly identical packaging to the Naked 3, the untrained eye wouldn’t know the difference.Like the Naked 2 & 3 palette it’s easy to keep clean and looks pretty chic on your beauty table or in your handbag.

w7 In the Buff eyeshadow palette

Colour range wise, I feel the shades are very likeable to the Naked 1 palette ranging from classic nudes to smokey dark hues.It’s a very wearable palette which would be useful in creating a multitude of eye looks.Colour pay-off is good for the price but I will be honest and say that they aren’t quite on par with the Naked palettes. The same goes for the texture, the W7 shadows are much more powdery while the “Nakeds” have that much sought after buttery feel.

{Left} Urban Decay Naked 3: Trick {Right} W7 shade (fourth from left)
{Left} Urban Decay Naked 3: Trick {Right} W7 shade (fourth from left)
{Left} Urban Decay Naked 1 in "Hustle" {Right} W7 second last shade on the right
{Left} Urban Decay Naked 1 in “Hustle” {Right} W7 second last shade on the right

The brush which is included in the W7 is useless and pretty standard for your typical drug store-bought palettes so, you will definitely want to swap it with a better quality brush. I use some of my Real Techniques brushes from the Eye Starter Kit. The difference in price is huge with the W7 palette coming in at less than a tenner while the Naked palettes come in at in and around €44.

w7 In the buff palette and Urban Decay Naked palettes

For me, the W7 palette is the perfect “starter kit”; great for beginners, girls who are still unsure if the Naked palette is for them, those who are on a budget or for peeps looking for inexpensive make-up to bring to festivals etc.

I would still highly recommend the Naked palettes to everyone till the day I die, but I have to say that the W7 palette is a pretty darn impressive dupe! If you are looking to create a very Naked-esque eye looks at a portion of the price then the W7 In the Buff is for you.

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6 thoughts on “W7 “In the Buff” palette – A drugstore Naked palette dupe?

  1. I’ve had the Naked Palette for almost two years and I don’t see me using it up anytime soon even though I use it almost every day. I would love to find an affordable dupe to the Naked 2 or 3 palette. Do you happen to know a U.S. brand that makes one?

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