The Sunday Post: Putting a little Spring in my step :)

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

While Spring in Ireland is rather a figure of speech rather than a certainty, it’s pretty hard to drag ourselves away from the cosy winter routine. I, for one, was getting far too comfortable in my onesies and snoods but I’ve finally decided to embrace Spring…even if it really has yet to “sprung”!

1) Beauty: First up I’ve been trying out some new Spring make-up trends, I’ve been bringing the 90’s blue eyeliner trend back in a big way for the past while, and I’ve been really diggin’ it (excuse the 90’s dodge slang). I already have blue eyes but I feel the blue liner just makes my eyes look more fresh and awake and it looks great with a bright lip ( try with MAC’s Lady Danger as in pic below!)  My blue eyeliner of choice has been Rimmel’s Scandeleyes Waterproof Khol Khaja in 014 Bright Blue which glides on very and lasts all day without smudging!  Hurrah!

Eyes: Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bright Blue Lips: MAC Lady Danger Cheeks: MAC Peaches
Eyes: Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bright Blue Lips: MAC Lady Danger Cheeks: MAC Peaches

Those who aren’t quite ready for the coloured eyeliner, I’ve also been reaching for brighter nail polish shades which is a much more subtle way to add spring into your wardrobe. In my last post, I went through some of my favourite shades so I won’t bore you again in this one, here’s the link instead:

Springtime nails colour wheel

2) Food: Secondly, I’ve been trying to prise my hands away from my ol’ winter favourite: The Hot Chocolate. You’d think after a solid 4 months of drinking them several (Ok, pretty much every second day) times a week, I’d be getting tired of them, but NOPE! While I won’t deprive myself of them for good, I am trying to switch things up and try some fresher lighter drinks. I recently bought myself a new blender, and I’ve found myself staying up quite late some nights trying to come up with new smoothie ideas. Smoothies are a great breakfast or snack that are insanely healthy and keep you full. My personal favourite at the moment has been my Berry & Banana combo. *drools at the thought*

Berry and Banana Smoothie Recipe

  • Handful of mixed frozen berries (much cheaper than fresh berries)
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • Greek yogurt or any non-flavoured natural yogurt
  • Honey; I’ve chosen Manuka Honey for its’ extra health benefits
  • Flaxseed ( You can get so many different variations, I’ve chosen mine with added goji berries)
  • Spinach; frozen or fresh; just a handful of this in your smoothie will add iron and you won’t even know its there!
  • Half a cup of water, to stop it from getting too gloopy.

Blend all of these together and you are left with a glass of heaven. Now that I’m the depths of my smoothie-making frenzy,I’m looking for new ideas/recipes all the time.. so please share yours with me in the comments below!

3) Decor: My apartment over the winter had pretty much become my cave of cosiness. I spent 95% of my home-time, wrapped up in layers in my bed and paid little, if any attention to the decor. Now that I’ve embraced Spring however, I’ve decided to add a few little pieces to give the place a little pick me up. One of the easiest ways to do this I’ve found is to add some flowers… cause I mean, who doesn’t like flowers?! I’m usually a loyal Sunflower gal, but there’s an unwritten rule that Spring= Daffodils and I have to admit they are pretty lovely. I picked this wee bunch up very cheaply in my local Lidl…and I’m slowly counting down the days until I somehow manage to kill them! (ha!) Until then, they are doing a great job at keeping my apartment and myself chirpy!

Daffodils in Spring

Spring home decor

Wel that’s pretty much it for my recipe for Spring! I would love to hear what kind of things you do to get yourself ready for Spring! Leave your ideas and any inputs in a comment below! 🙂

Until then I leave you with this strange but true offering from Pinterest:

Sleepingbootay signature final

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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Post: Putting a little Spring in my step :)

  1. Refreshing!! Really loved reading this post!!
    In the Middle East we just have the summers and winters…we are slowly going into the summers now! By God’s grace I will be a mommy soon and I have no idea how its going to change me…for now I’m really engrossed in this transition to be a mum ❤

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