My current favourites :)

Yikes! I’ve been poor at keeping up with the whole monthly favourites jazz that other blogs seem to do so effortlessly. The reality is that sometimes I just don’t have enough interesting favourites to share, so why bore you with the same products over and over again?

Recently however, I have been trying and testing a few new bad boys and thought I’d show y’all a few of my top picks.

March current favourites

1) The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Range: Okay, nobody can deny that pretty much EVERYTHING in The Body Shop smells bloody amazing, but there’s  just something about the Special Edition Blueberry range that has me smitten. Hovering between being both sweet and fruity, its the perfect spring scent. I’ve been applying the body butter every night and the shower gel has made my morning time so much better. All Hail The Body Shop.. they can really do no wrong!

The Body Shop Special Edition Body Butter

2) Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara in Black: Comparable to Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, this baby is amazing at giving you very false lash-looking lashes. Big on volume and big on length, it’s pretty much everything you’d need in a mascara. I love the ball-shaped bottom of the brush which is so handy at getting into those pesky inner lashes. The only downside is that it’s pretty stubborn to remove, so you will need a good quality make-up remover.

Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara

3) The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 01 Light Matte: For a long time, I’ve had my share of fair-skinned lassie’s woes! Bronzer is a very tricky thing to get right when you are pale and as much as I love my Nars Laguna… it just doesn’t work on a day to day basis. I actually read about this bronzer recently on my favourite blogger EssieButton’s blog and seeing as she’s fair skinned like moi, I knew I’d have to give it a go ..Boy am I glad I did! It’s perfect for contouring and it’s just the right shade to dust all over the face for a nice sun-kissed look.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

4) Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment under eye concealer: One too many late nights watching re-runs of Girls  have left my under-eye area looking a little worse for wear. This concealer is not a newbie in my collection but rather something I’ve found myself gravitating back towards. My collection concealer is perfect for blemishes but it’s just a tad too heavy for under my eyes. This Soap & Glory offering however, is light but has enough coverage to banish my dark circles. It also lasts throughout the day and doesn’t cause any creasing issues!

Soap & Glory Trick or Treatment concealer

5) Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb in a Bottle: Since going for the chop, I’ve been avoiding my hair looking limp and lifeless like the plague. My hair is naturally fine and when straightened, it tends to just lie there looking meh. I’ve tried plumping powders in the past but nothing has worked as well as this dry spray. Just a tiny bit adds enough grit and texture that helps my hair look voluminous AND it smells great too!

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Backcomb in a Bottle

6) Champneys Citrus Blossom Hand cream: I somehow feel as if I am cheating on my good ol’ reliable Soap & Glory Handfood, and while I still do carry some with me everywhere, I do have to admit that I have been loving another hand cream too. I bought this one on a whim during one of my regular trips to Boots. It smells almost too good and is the perfect size to keep beside my bed. It reminds me to apply it before bed so that my hands are all lovely in the morning. Ahh it’s the little things in life…

Champneys Citrus Blossom handcream

7)  OPI Nail Envy: Speaking of lovely hands… something else I’ve been trying to make lovely, are my nails. Recently, I’ve been quite negligent in my nail care and have been lazy with the base coat application…eeeek. My nails were stained and were weak so I needed something stat! Luckily I always have my trusty OPI Nail Envy not too far away and even after just one week of using it, I’ve seen a vast improvement. You use it just like a clear nail varnish but make sure you apply it once a day for a bout a fortnight to ensure a really thorough treatment. I’ve used this product for years and I’ve never been disappointed. It really is a wonder product!

OPI Nail Envy



What have your favourites been lately? The nosey gal in me would love to know!

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