The Pixi Glow Tonic; My thoughts!

I know I’m not the only one, who, after strenuously double cleansing (I blame you Caroline Hirons), lazily “forgets” the toner stage of their skin care regime. Not only does it involve effort but toners are pretty much boring in general and I often feel as if they really aren’t really doing anything at all for my skin!


This year however, we’ve heard a lot about ex-foliating toners and their benefits for our skin. Desperate to finally jump on the toner bandwagon, I began my research on the best toners out there. The Pixi glow tonic is a best selling product ranted and raved about in the blogosphere but the only downside is that it’s still pretty hard to get your hands on due to such a high demand. SO, on a recent trip to London, I hunted down the Pixi HQ and got my paws on my very own bottle and the experimenting began…

The packaging has changed recently from the pump to a more travel friendly bottle but the formula is still the same. Made from lovely stuff like aloe vera, ginseng and witch hazel … the ingredients are natural and kind to even my fickle sensitive skin. While there is a scent, the product hasn’t irritated my skin one bit and I find its gentle enough for me to use both morning and evening. Just a quick swipe using a cotton pad, all over your face, and you’re done! Ex-foliated and toned in one simple step!

Unfortunately its still quite hard to get your hands on it in Ireland so I’m afraid its internet shopping all the way. This magical formula retails for about  20 yo yos and then p&p depending on where you live.

If I have intrigued you about toners, the skincare QUEEN Caroline Hirons has written a fabulously informative blog post all about the shizz!  Which I will link you to, because I’m lovely like that : and

The verdict?  My complexion is still a far cry from perfect but I have noticed that the pigmentation in my skin has reduced and its’ definitely smoother in appearance and to touch. The excitement revolved around this product is well and truly justified in this case and my only problem is trying to restrain myself from ordering more already!

…Oh the satisfaction a beauty blogger feels when a product lives up to its hype.

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