Unsung Heroes of the beauty world

unsung heroes of the beauty world

I like to call them Shhhush products: un-glamorous products that save us daily but yet are hidden from the limelight. We talk about lip-balms, nail polish and mascaras as often as the weather but when it comes to the products that do the nitty gritty there’s nothing to be heard. Well, NO MORE! Today, we are going to give praise to these products; our unsung heroes.

un-glamorous beauty products

Razors- Some like to wax, some laser, but I’m fond of the good ol fashioned shaving. My hair removal weapon of choice has been always the Gilette Venus range with the Olay colab version being my personal favourite. They have an inbuilt Olay conditioning strip which helps my sensitive skin from getting too aggravated and a flexible head which limits the chance of getting those darn knicks! *shakes fist*. Gillette also do a great range of shaving foams which work great at prepping the skin for shaving and actually make the process that little bit easier.

Gilette Venus Razor with Olay

Tweezers: Keeping with the de-fuzzing theme, tweezers are something that I always have nearby. From keeping my eyebrows looking tame between threading sessions to applying false lashes they are incredibly useful. Tweezerman are always a good place to start if you are looking to invest in a good pair but I’ve been using these bad boys sent to me by HD brows and I’m very pleased with them.

HD Brows Tweezers

Foot Creams: What is it about feet that has even the chattiest of bloggers staying shtum? Feet need love too. Besides painting your toe nails, to keep your feet looking their best, you need to keep hard skin at bay. Soap & Glory’s Heel genius is brilliant. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but it smells lovely and fresh and the packaging is cute so you can showcase it on your beauty shelves without the shame!

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Deodorant: We all like to pretend that our shizz don’t stank, but lets get real here.. even beyonce wears deodorant so why are we so shy to talk about it. Whether you like spray, liquid or stick, there are so many types on sale these days that can keep your pit regions from being the pits (geddit?!) I’ve dabbled from all types of deodorants in my lifetime and have failed to remain loyal to any particular brand, however I do like Mitchum’s Ultimate 48 hour protection range.. strong, pleasantly scented but not harsh on my sensitive skin and simply does the job!

Mitchum Ultimate deodorant

Three cheers for the products that do the dirty work and make our lives that little bit easier.

What un-glam products do you use regularly and love?

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4 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes of the beauty world

  1. Me, too! Mitchum Gel anti-perspirant deodorant, unscented. works amazingly and my sensitive skin approves. glad to see someone else appreciates it, too.

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