Beauty Myths: Busted #1: Over-using Products


One of  the most annoying beauty myths around is that we need to use large amounts of a product in order to reap the most benefits! We’ve all read the labels : “Apply a generous layer” ,”slather a thick layer”… while this feels good on your skin and can sometimes be fun, it’s also completely unnecessary!

We are all guilty of piling on the product, especially in moments of skin-tastrophes! *Cough*sudocrem*cough*  However, your skin only truly benefits from the product in which it is directly in contact with, so layers and layers of product is really just a waste of product and your time. By all means layer your products together i.e: moisturiser on serum on oil etc. but each layer only needs to be thin and focused on the areas that need it most. (I apply more serum on my forehead as its where my skin is the driest)

To back me up on this point, I’ve drawn on the help of my friend (I wish) Caroline Hirons who has stated she is a fan of the ” piling it on lightly approach” when it comes to her skin care routine.

Reducing the amount of product you use will not only save your product and money but it will also save your skin. Using too much of certain products can be harmful for your skin. Too much exfoliators can be harsh on your skin and strip it of its natural moisture. Too much spot treatment can dry out your skin or cause an allergic reaction or irritation.

But how much is too much? Below is a handy little guide I found (on  to help guide you on roughly what size portions you should be using of your products ( and they are in food terms mmmmm) As it turns out, you really can have too much of a good thing, who knew?! Reserve the second servings for cake only, girls!!

Handy little guide for how much product to use
Handy little guide for how much product to use.

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5 thoughts on “Beauty Myths: Busted #1: Over-using Products

  1. This is so helpful! While I am good at rationing my face products, I am totally guilty of plopping a big ol’ handful of shampoo or conditioner onto my mop. Good to know I don’t really need to!

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