Brow week #2: Threading @ The Body Shop; My Experience

2014 saw the end to my threading-virginity, and it only hurt a little 😉 I’ll admit that I was always wary of threading, it looked terrifying and I couldn’t get my head around the method. After lots of hesitation, I finally decided to give it a go and I actually LOVED it! Threading is very misunderstood so I wanted to dedicate a post to a new-found love for this hair removal technique and share my knowledge and experience of it.


Firstly, what is hell is threading?

A method of hair removal where, A cotton like thread is tightened around each hair and gently pulled. It is traditionally used for eyebrows but can be used to remove hair on other areas of the face.

What are the main Benefits:

1) It pulls hair from the root and over time hair grows finer and thinner.

2) It’s gentle on the skin as the treatment is targeting the hair directly rather than pulling at the skin

3) It removes fine, lighter hairs very close to the brow shape so you are garanteed a precise shape.

4) It does’t involve any heat or chemicals.


My thoughts/ experience:

I’m not gonna lie, the actual experience was a little more painful than waxing but I found there to be less irritation afterwards which is a huge plus in my books! My therapist, didn’t change the overall shape of my brows, which I liked but rather followed my natural shape and added a very slight arch. What I was left with was a very precise shape with literally no stray hairs in sight. The service itself was quick and efficient, I was in and out within 15mims which is great if you don’t like the dreaded awkward chit-chat that often comes with beauty treatments. This would be the perfect treatment if you are in a rush (I’ve gotten a threading during my lunch break before!)

In terms of aftercare, I had little to no irritation afterwards (even though this does vary from person to person) and I didn’t need to apply layers of concealor afterwards to hide my red forehead. However, if you do experience any sensitivity afterwards, I recommend applying a thin layer of  aloe Vera gel or even a dollop of sudocrem over the area overnight to came any redness.

I found that my brow shape lasted much longer after threading than when I’ve had them waxed and in addition to the hairs growing back at a much slower rate, they were also thinner in appearance. Win Win!

{Source: Pinterest}
{Source: Pinterest}

The boring but essential deets:

If I have intriqued you and you would like to jump on the threading bandwagon, then I’d definitely recommend that you get them done at The Body Shop! Having done plenty of research, I’ve found that they are definitely the cheapest for the best service. You can find a threading service in any Body Shop store (check their site for your nearest store).

Eyebrow threading costs €12 but can often be combined with tinting for €20 (patch test needed prior to tinting) which is great value for a precise and quick treatment.

If you want to avoid disappointment, go to: ,where they have a booking form on their website for you to make an appointment!

So have any of you tried threading yet? Do you prefer waxing or threading?

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