Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue; My thoughts

Indeed Labs Eyeslix Instant Eye Rescue review

Some say I needed a new eye cream, others say that I just have the urge to try everything that Indeed Labs put their hands on.. we’ll never know the truth! What we do know however is that I bought their eye serum Eysilix and I bloom’in love it!

Eye creams have never been high on my must have list purely for the fact that I’ve never seen the need for them. Luckily, I am relatively wrinkle free in that area (for now) and I am far too un-organised to start worrying about preventative creams. However, due to lots of late-ish nights watching far too much TV and HAVING to finish that book, I have been a victim to the odd dark circle or two. I also wake up with quite itchy dry eyes in the morning which seems almost like a tradition every winter for me at this stage.

To solve my problems I needed a cream that would gradually banish my dark circles, all the while treating my” itchy-eye-itus”.  Eysilix does both! I have to admit, I was sceptic at first and even after the initial few uses. It did take a couple of weeks to really see a result but once I did, I was delighted!

Indeed Labs Eyeslix Instant eye rescue review

Over 3 weeks on , my dark circles are almost non-existent and my itchy dry eyes are no more. The pigment around my eyes definitely seem to be lighter and the skin around my eye is definitely smoother. Perhaps the first difference that I started to notice was that I was using less concealer under my eyes than I usually would… and that’s always a win!

The cream itself is scentless and of a medium consistency. You truly only need the teensiest bit to cover the whole contour of your eye and it sinks in almost immediately so its great for under make-up.

Great results all around!

Eysilix is by no means cheap as it retails for  around 32.99 EURO in most good pharmacies and online but do check out your nearest Boots store as they regularly have deals on their skincare. ( I bought mine for almost 1/3 off!)

I would recommend this cream as a great starter eye treatment. It won’t rewind the clock 10 years nor will it give you a cheap eye-lift but it will refresh your eyes and make you look like you don’t have Netflix! Which is quite alright with me!


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