“Pretty Honest” by Sali Hughes; My Thoughts


There’s always that one friend who is around to give you invaluable advice and an honest opinion. Which lipstick shade suits you and can you really carry off that glitter eye shadow?! Sali Hughes is just that friend. For years, I have read her columns on The Gaurdian’s website and I’ve pretty much always taken her word for Gospel when it comes to anything beauty related. Finally, towards the end of last year, Sali released her very own book; essentially a beauty bible for any beauty junkie like myself and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it ever since!

sali hughes pretty Honest book review

True to its title, the book is an honest, no nonsense beauty guide that teaches you that beauty is not something superficial or silly but rather something that we can use as a tool to enhance our already pretty awesome selves!

I’ve read a fair share of “beauty books” in the past and I have to honestly say that this one was one of few that I actually found both interesting and useful. For fear of ruining anything for you, I’ll just skim over some of the topics covered ; hair removal, skin types, skin problems, how to deal with beauty counters, choosing the right perfume, bridal make-up and hair woes. The book really has it all and is something I know I’m going to use as a point of reference for years to come.

Sali Hughes "Pretty Honest" review

This book is the perfect gift for that special someone, great for your coffee table and a gem to keep and pass down the generations.

Have you read this book yet? What are your thoughts?


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