How to shop at Beauty Counters

How to shop at beauty counters
How to shop at beauty counters


No matter what anybody says, there’s a HUGE difference between surfing the aisles of Boots and sauntering up to the luxury beauty counters of your local department stores. Even the most beauty savvy gal, can be intimidated at the thought of dealing with the whole process.

Here are a few tips, that I myself have found useful:Know what you want before you go:

1) It can be very easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour of the beauty counters. One look at the YSL packaging and I suddenly want EVERYTHING! I usually try and jot down a little list of things I actually really need/ want before I venture out to try and minimise the distraction.

2) Read up on the products: If you are intimidated at the thought of looking into a new brand, why not read up a little about it before hand. But don’t forget, the sales assistants are there to help and answer any of your questions, so it is ok to ask them

3)Decide on your budget: The sales assistants are trained to try and sell as much products as possible and they will try and tempt you to buy more. Before you go beauty shopping, decide how much you can realistically spend and stick to it. There’s nothing wrong in politely declining that “lip liner that you definitely HAVE to have to go with that lipstick”

4)Don’t be fooled by the face: I for one, always have that creeping fear that the sales assistant is going to  judge my make-up and critically assess each and every detail. They may look flawless, but remember that they have products at their hands all day to keep them looking this way and most of the time, there’s a very friendly person under all that make-up.

5)Never buy something unless you are 100% happy with it. Most good sales assistants should be honest and only sell items that truly suit you. However, they want to make money too, so they will flatter you no matter what sometimes. Make sure you are happy with product. Take a few minutes to really feel the product on you, bring along a friend to get a second honest opinion or if necessary, ask for a sample to take home. Most good brands, will be happy to do this, just don’t take advantage.

Now, with those tips GO FORTH and purchase happily and confidently! 🙂


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