Reunited with eyelash curlers

Shu Umera eyelash curlrs

Like a bold child, or defiant teen, I’ve resisted eye lash curlers because I was told over and over again, how great they were. I always thought I was too lazy to be bothered with the whole eyelash curling step. Pretty much every beauty blog I read and tutorial I watch, tells me it’s the most important step, so I finally gave in and grabbed my dusty Shu Umera curlers.

A few weeks in and I can’t imagine my life B.S.U.C (before shu umera curlers)

In my opinion, Shu Umera curlers are the Oprah of the eye-lash curler world, they are beautiful, shiny and will create positivity in your life.  I dunno if it’s science, placebo effect or just a little bit of magic,  but these curlers definitely do something wonderful to my lashes.

First off, they actually really curl your lashes, which obviously, is the sole purpose of eye-lash curlers, but the curl this gives, is defined, doesn’t clump the lashes together and it lasts pretty much all day.

The rubber panel, means that you can curl to your hearts content without the fear of pinching your eyeball (a very realistic fear that had me nervous to curl in the first place).

The gold design is just a bonus and really adds a luxurious feel to the whole process…and let’s be real here, it looks pretty in your make-up stash too!

The curlers retail for just under 25  euro..which I think is a bargain when you consider cost per use and the fact that they eh, pretty much will change your life forever!

What are you waiting for?…



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