Budget Beauty; Beauty products from your kitchen

DIY Beauty No matter if we want to admit it or not, we all like to be pampered. These days there’s spas, beauty salons and hundreds of beauty aisles in our local stores. There are endless “pamper products” but what we often forget is that we have an array of natural beauty products right at our fingertips.. in the last place you’d expect… our kitchens. Below is a small list of a couple of natural ingredients that you can use to pamper yourself on a budget!

Natural beauty DIY beauty Budget beauty

– Cucumber: Does anybody remember being really young and thinking that when you grow up, part of being a woman would be to lie around with cucumber slices on your eyes? The first time I ever did it, I felt very special even though I had no idea what I was actually doing. The good news is that the cucumber actually does help! Cucumber acts as a soothing eye mask. They calm and cool the eye area and help to reduce any eye puffiness! I like to leave my slices in the freezer for about 5mins just to give them that extra kick!
Honey: There’s very little this bad boy can’t do. Not only is it delicious in your morning porridge it also works fabulously in a face mask. It’s PACKED with natural antioxidants and works at getting rid of nasty bacteria that can clog your pores.
Coffee: Homemade coffee body scrubs is something that blew up a lot last year and t something that I’m really starting to get on board with. Coffee, as we all know is great at waking you up in the morning, which is all down to the caffeine. Well it’s been found that caffeine can be good for your skin too! Using it in a scrub, the caffeine will stimulate your skin, stimulate blood flow and act as a natural exfoliator. AND on top of all this your shower will have that yummy coffee smell after! WIN WIN!
-Oats: We all have oats lurking somewhere in our cupboards and whether you love or loathe them, you can’t deny their numerous benefits to our bodies. Oats work as a calming agent both inside and outside of our bodies. Lots of the top skincare brands use oats in their products for just this reason. Whenever my skin is particularly irritated or sore, I mash up some oats, bananas and honey and lather it over my face. The hardest part is trying not to eat it after!
-Coconut Oil: Coconut oil had a bit of a moment in 2014, when everyone and their grandmother was shouting its benefits from the rooftops! Well, they weren’t wrong! There is no end to the list of uses for coconut oil from cooking to cleaning, it has it all. However, i find it best as a beauty product. Leave through the ends of your hair as an intense hair mask or Sweep over your skin after showering as a moisturiser. You’ll be left with the softest hair and skin and you’ll smell like a bounty as well! Wooh!

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