Chocolate Beauty Products

While everyone is busy stuffing themselves silly with chocolate this weekend, I thought I’d research some chocolate treats that we can enjoy not only in our tummies!

1) Cupcake fresh face mask from Lush:

Cupcake fresh face mask from Lush


Oh, the clever clogs over at Lush are so good at knowing what we want! Fancy a mask that will make you feel great, get rid of spots AND that smells like chocolate? Well, they have you covered with this cupcake face mask! Leave in the fridge, and add a dollop of this sweet stuff to your face once a week or when your face needs it!
2) Chocolate Mint lip balm from The Handmade Food Company


Want a chocolate fix but you don’t want to commit to the calories? Spread some chocolately goodness on your lips instead. This mint chocolate flavoured one from The Handmade Company is delicious and fresh at the same time.
3) Cocoa Butter Body Butter from The Body Shop:


The Body Shop never get it wrong when it comes to sweet smelling products and their cocoa butter range is no exception. My personal favourite is the Body Butter. It’s thick, sinks in quick and will have you smelling good enough to eat all day long!
4) Palmers Cocoa Butter Rich Shampoo:


Chocolate! In your hair?! Yes, you heard me! The classic Palmers brand have incorporated their cult favourite cocoa scent into a shampoo. This bad boy is a rich formula so it would be great for a once a week job.
5) Bourjois Chocolate bronzer:


Probably the best known chocolate scented product around. Coveted by beauty bloggers worldwide for the past few years, not only does this bronzer look like a little chocolate bar, it actually smells like one too. While it may come across as a gimick, this bronzer definitely lives up to the hype. It’s the perfect bronzer to sweep over the face or for contouring and the pigmentation is very impressive.
6) Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette:


Look how god’am beautiful this palette is and imagine how cute it would look in your make-up stash? This one caught my eye a couple of months ago and my mouth has been watering for it ever since! 16 cocoa powder infused powders, both shimmer & mattes ranging from soft pinks to dark browns, there’s literally a shade for everybody and every occasion!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go smother yourselves in chocolate! 🙂

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