Things I’m learning in my Twenties…

So I’m approaching 25. How did that happen? I blinked and was suddenly submerged into grown-up ish life. School is well and truly over but I find that I’m learning more than ever! Here are some things that I’ve learned now that I’m in my Twenties:

Tea pic

– Tea fixes 90% of your problems. NOT vodka.

– Oversized/ slouchy clothes don’t always make you look cool & effortless but sometimes just plain frumpy and messy. Dress for your size and not just for fashion.

– I’m secretly proud that I was a little strange in school. All those “quirky” anecdotes make for handy discussion points during awkward silences and for sharing on Twitter…

– Feeling “pretty” doesn’t solely relate to how many layers of foundation you can apply.

Why? Just why?!
Why? Just why?!

– All those years being a sulky Emo has really helped me out with my eyeliner game. Cat-flicks are a breeze now!

– I get paid and rush out to buy a fancy blender and a stack of books. (Yes, this happened this weekend). Gone are the days of Topshop splurges and mid-week shots at Diceys.

– I’ve started to get cranky on public transport. Is it too much to ask for a seat to myself and for those kids to PIPE DOWN!!

– I no longer need to announce every life event on Facebook with the help of Blink 182 lyrics. *insert embarrassing flashbacks*

college pic

– Food shopping has taken on a whole new process. It’s more structured involving lists and making sure I have a balanced diet rather than ” What will provide the most soakage for that Bacardi breezer?!”

– All those years smirking at my Mum… but NOTHING feels better than clean bed sheets! NOTHING!

– Bitching just isn’t really a thing anymore… except at certain times of the month when it’s pretty much not even your fault anyway.. right?!

– I’ve started using the phrase “Oh Remember when!..” Might as well embrace the crossword puzzles and orthotics already so!

– The default ringtone on my phone is just fine! I no longer feel the need to have personalised ringtones for each contact on my phone which I update regularly depending on my mood.

college pic 2

– Going out for midweek drinks could be fun.. but you do have that episode of Orange is the new black to watch and that salad you bought yesterday goes off today so you should probably eat it.

Yes things are well and truly changing and I for one can’t decide if I want to smile or cry about it. Oh the joys of growing up…

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One thought on “Things I’m learning in my Twenties…

  1. I love it!! I can relate to most points here… Lol! Updating every event on facebook and Ringtone for each person…seriously we had that much time???

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