Girls I wish were my B.F.F’s

Forget swooning over Adam Broody in re-runs of the O.C or drawing hearts around the members of 5ive in Shout magazine. These days it’s all about the Girl Crush. We all have one… or many; girls that we wish we could sit in our pjs, swap hair tips and fight over the last slice of pizza with. Here are some gals that I wish were my pals!

Pic: Pinterest
Pic: Pinterest

Lena Dunham

She speaks the weird and wonderful things that we all think but very rarely say out loud and I love her for it. I was obsessed with her first movie ” Tiny Furniture”, LOVE her T.V series “Girls” and now I adore her book too. She has taught me not to give a single shizz what people think and that it’s ok to wear dungarees in your 20’s… two very valuable life lessons I will take to the grave.


Fearne cotton
Pic: Pinterest

Fearne Cotton

I want her hair, tattoos and entire wardrobe. Fearne embodies effortless cool. I spend more hours than I care to admit, stalking her Instagram for style inspiration. Can we be sisters please?!


Pic: Pinterest
Pic: Pinterest

Oprah Winfry

Sometimes I feel that I’ve learned more from Oprah than I did at my 3 years at University. When I watch her show, I feel ALL of the feels and one day I hope to double high five her! She is the ultimate Idol.

Pic: Pinterest
Pic: Pinterest

Ellen De Generes

This women has gotten me through some very very stressful essays in college, taught me that dancing everywhere and anywhere is a MUST and that a pant suit can look pretty damn fly! She has one of the kindest souls out there and never underestimates the importance of a daily chuckle. I will spend my life wishing to be funny like her. ..and one day I will master that table manoeuvre!

Maybe if I wish really really hard I will become as funny as Ellen, as stylish as Fearne, as Wise as Oprah and as damn cool as Lena! Too much to ask for?!…

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