Eye creams for your mid-twenties


1.kiehls creamy eye cream   2.the body shop drops of youth eye concentrate 3.Clinique all about eyes


Ugh… I have officially crossed that line of really having to care and look after my skin. Gone are the face wipes and adhoc double cleansing. Wrinkles are just on the horizon and my resting bitch face isn’t helping the matter at all. After years of constantly ignoring eye cream’s existence I finally gave in and tried some out. Here are a few of my favs:

  1. Khiels Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado €24 here 

Despite its very rich sounding name, this cream is very light and sinks in easily. The pot is tiny but you literally need the teensiest amount of product. Its’ fragrance free so great for anybody with sensitivity and is great for puffiness and dark circles.

    2. The Body Shop “Drops of Youth” Eye Concentrate €30.50 here

If tackling wrinkles is what your are after, this is the one for you. The roller ball style packaging is great at cooling the eyes, calming puffiness and its formula tackles those little pesky lines that start infesting that area. Keep this stored in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. I use this mostly in the mornings especially after a particularly late night of Netflix binging.

    3. Clinique “All about Eyes” €34.50 here

Ever wake up with dry or tight skin around your eyes? This eye cream is a saviour for this! I feel like this cream is slightly heavier than the previous two so I like to use this at night in conjunction with a face mask as a special treat. This product soothes and hydrates the area while tackling dark circles. It does have a slight scent so make sure to test this out if you have sensitivities to fragrances before committing.

Are eye creams a part of your daily routine? If so, what are your favs?



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One thought on “Eye creams for your mid-twenties

  1. Ooh having tried and discarded a ton of eye creams, I swear by this Clinique one and I am ahem a little north of my mid twenties!!!

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