Acknowledging World Mental Health Day

Mental health awareness

I hesitated about writing this post.

Mostly as it feels strange to dive so deeply into personal issues but really when it came down to it, what felt stranger was to let World Mental Health Day go by without acknowledging it here on my blog.

Mental health awareness is an issue that is very very important to me, mainly as it is an area that I struggle with on a daily basis. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety of varying degrees for the better part of my teens and twenties. As I approach 28 years old, I don’t really feel any closer to conquering “it” but one thing I have focused on changing over the past year is trying to be more open and vocal about the issue.

I don’t have the magic solution, I don’t have any ground-breaking tips and I certainly don’t have any qualifications to prescribe remedies.


if I’ve learned ANYTHING throughout my years of  dabbling in therapy, medication, alternative remedies etc. is that none of these will work if you do not acknowledge how you are really feeling. It sounds corny and even a little “fluffy” but for me, it has been the most important thing I’ve learned as I strongly believe that the more we talk openly about these things, the easier it can become for people to access support.

If i’m sad, I let myself feel sad. If I’m stressed, I let myself feel stressed. Then I get working on some ways to get me out of the funk. Some days this is a good book and mug of tea, others it’s a run and sometimes I just need my duvet.

However you are feeling this World Mental Health Day, remember to acknowledge that feeling. It’s perfectly ok to admit that you are not ok. 

– Helpful resources – 

Be kind to yourself.



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