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“I’m not the sporty-type”

Everybody: Hey, did you see the game last night?"  Me: "No" Sound familiar?... Throughout my 27 years, I proudly labelled myself as "not interested in sports". While my family cheered for Liverpool, I cheered for anything covered in chocolate. While peers wore their team's jersey, I was dressed in comfy knits and converse. Two years ago,… Continue reading “I’m not the sporty-type”

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Hiking for Beginners… yes even you!

Up until last October, I could never been an described as an"outdoorsy" person, I didn't own anything waterproof and my idea of a sports shoe was my white pair of Converse. This all changed when my boyfriend and I tackled the 2nd highest peak in the UK; Snowdon Mountain. It my first hike and it… Continue reading Hiking for Beginners… yes even you!