Reunited with eyelash curlers

Shu Umera eyelash curlrs

Like a bold child, or defiant teen, I’ve resisted eye lash curlers because I was told over and over again, how great they were. I always thought I was too lazy to be bothered with the whole eyelash curling step. Pretty much every beauty blog I read and tutorial I watch, tells me it’s the most important step, so I finally gave in and grabbed my dusty Shu Umera curlers.

A few weeks in and I can’t imagine my life B.S.U.C (before shu umera curlers)

In my opinion, Shu Umera curlers are the Oprah of the eye-lash curler world, they are beautiful, shiny and will create positivity in your life.  I dunno if it’s science, placebo effect or just a little bit of magic,  but these curlers definitely do something wonderful to my lashes.

First off, they actually really curl your lashes, which obviously, is the sole purpose of eye-lash curlers, but the curl this gives, is defined, doesn’t clump the lashes together and it lasts pretty much all day.

The rubber panel, means that you can curl to your hearts content without the fear of pinching your eyeball (a very realistic fear that had me nervous to curl in the first place).

The gold design is just a bonus and really adds a luxurious feel to the whole process…and let’s be real here, it looks pretty in your make-up stash too!

The curlers retail for just under 25  euro..which I think is a bargain when you consider cost per use and the fact that they eh, pretty much will change your life forever!

What are you waiting for?…



How to shop at Beauty Counters

How to shop at beauty counters
How to shop at beauty counters


No matter what anybody says, there’s a HUGE difference between surfing the aisles of Boots and sauntering up to the luxury beauty counters of your local department stores. Even the most beauty savvy gal, can be intimidated at the thought of dealing with the whole process.

Here are a few tips, that I myself have found useful:Know what you want before you go:

1) It can be very easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour of the beauty counters. One look at the YSL packaging and I suddenly want EVERYTHING! I usually try and jot down a little list of things I actually really need/ want before I venture out to try and minimise the distraction.

2) Read up on the products: If you are intimidated at the thought of looking into a new brand, why not read up a little about it before hand. But don’t forget, the sales assistants are there to help and answer any of your questions, so it is ok to ask them

3)Decide on your budget: The sales assistants are trained to try and sell as much products as possible and they will try and tempt you to buy more. Before you go beauty shopping, decide how much you can realistically spend and stick to it. There’s nothing wrong in politely declining that “lip liner that you definitely HAVE to have to go with that lipstick”

4)Don’t be fooled by the face: I for one, always have that creeping fear that the sales assistant is going to  judge my make-up and critically assess each and every detail. They may look flawless, but remember that they have products at their hands all day to keep them looking this way and most of the time, there’s a very friendly person under all that make-up.

5)Never buy something unless you are 100% happy with it. Most good sales assistants should be honest and only sell items that truly suit you. However, they want to make money too, so they will flatter you no matter what sometimes. Make sure you are happy with product. Take a few minutes to really feel the product on you, bring along a friend to get a second honest opinion or if necessary, ask for a sample to take home. Most good brands, will be happy to do this, just don’t take advantage.

Now, with those tips GO FORTH and purchase happily and confidently! 🙂


“Pretty Honest” by Sali Hughes; My Thoughts


There’s always that one friend who is around to give you invaluable advice and an honest opinion. Which lipstick shade suits you and can you really carry off that glitter eye shadow?! Sali Hughes is just that friend. For years, I have read her columns on The Gaurdian’s website and I’ve pretty much always taken her word for Gospel when it comes to anything beauty related. Finally, towards the end of last year, Sali released her very own book; essentially a beauty bible for any beauty junkie like myself and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it ever since!

sali hughes pretty Honest book review

True to its title, the book is an honest, no nonsense beauty guide that teaches you that beauty is not something superficial or silly but rather something that we can use as a tool to enhance our already pretty awesome selves!

I’ve read a fair share of “beauty books” in the past and I have to honestly say that this one was one of few that I actually found both interesting and useful. For fear of ruining anything for you, I’ll just skim over some of the topics covered ; hair removal, skin types, skin problems, how to deal with beauty counters, choosing the right perfume, bridal make-up and hair woes. The book really has it all and is something I know I’m going to use as a point of reference for years to come.

Sali Hughes "Pretty Honest" review

This book is the perfect gift for that special someone, great for your coffee table and a gem to keep and pass down the generations.

Have you read this book yet? What are your thoughts?


A Tiny Slice of Kate meets Charlotte Tilbury


charlotte tilbury eye products picture, review and swatches

I bet that caught your attention! Charlotte Tilburry is the one name that is guaranteed to send excited chills down any make-up lovers spine. There is no denying that Ms. Tilbury is definitely the lady of the moment. Famously known as the main make-up artist to stars such as Kate Moss, her make-up range graced our lives last year and beauty bloggers have been smitten ever since. I however, was slower to engage. The terrifying hype and huge price tags left me window shopping rather than dishing out the actual cash. However, a few weeks ago, I took the plunge and made my first purchase of what I can only imagine is the first of many! (Eeek)

I wanted my first purchase to be something practical , that I would use if not every day, very regularly. Eye products were the way to go (and of course I ended up picking two… 😉 )

Charlotte Tilbury eye products review, pictures and swatches

  • Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing eye shadow pencil in “Champagne Diamonds”. This shade is targeted for blue eyes, but I honestly think it would look gorgeous on anybody! Each eye colour has a day time shade and a night time shade, each is specifically designed to flatter and enhance the individual eye colour. Champagne Diamonds is the PERFECT day-time colour. Just enough sparkle to add a bit of something but nothing too out there so you can still maintain a very natural make-up look! The product comes out quite creamy at first so it’s very easy to blend into the eye and once it dries it WILL not budge for the rest of the day. This is definitely something I can see myself grabbing every single morning and I have a feeling that I might “need” the night-time shade “Black Diamonds” as well…

Charlotte Tilbury eye products review, pictures and swatches

  • Rock n Kohl Liquid eye pencil in “Eye cheat”: Most of you will think that I have gone crazy to choose a nude shade when there are so many beautiful shades to choose from in this liner range however,  this is no ordinary nude. Placed on your waterline, this liner immediately opens up your eyes! They look bigger, more awake and less like you’ve spent the entire night binge watching episodes of “Girls”! It glides on so easily, doesn’t irritate my eyes and stays on all day long. It’s a mini miracle worker and I’ve been using it every morning since I bought it. Holy Grail material?

swatch of charlotte tilbury eye products edited


Next on my list; The lip cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk, Filmstar Bronze & Glow Bronze palette and the Full Fat Lashes 5 star mascara…oh AND pretty much everything else she has to offer! *slaps on own wrist*

What have you tried from the range? What’s on your Charlotte Tilbury wish list?

My Current Skincare Routine (Combination/Sensitive Skin)

I put my hands up and admit that my skin care routine changes like the weather! My skin changes season to season, rain to sunshine so my routine needs to adapt accordingly. Recently, my skin suffered a pretty nasty reaction which made my skin angry, very dry and even more sensitive than usual. To combat this, I had to introduce lots of heavily hydrating products that were not too harsh on my skin at the same time. If you are suffering from the same kinda skin situation or just a little bit nosey about some of the products that I’m using at the moment, then here we go:

My skincare routine


  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: A budget friendly Bioderma dupe that literally removes every morsel of your make-up without drying out your skin.
  • REN Evercalm cleansing milk: A slightly new addition to my skin care collection but I feel it’s gonna be sticking around for quite some time. Creamy texture that doesn’t foam up. Soothes my skin and calms down any redness.
  • Pixi Glo Tonic: This is one of those cult favourites that definitely deserves the hype. I use this to get rid of any residue of my cleanser and I feel it contributes to keeping my skin tone at an OKish level.
  • Indeed Labs Eyesilix eye cream: I’m currently studying a new Online Course which means lots of late nights staring at the laptop screen. This is my eye cream of choice at the moment as its the best at soothing puffy eyes and getting rid of my dark circles come morning time.
  • Simple Daily Light Moisturiser: My go-to classic moisturiser that’s nothing fancy to look at but really works a charm on my skin. No matter what condition my skin is in, I always go back to this old reliable, knowing that it will moisturise my skin without irritating it.
  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil: Possibly one of my favourite skin care discovery of my life so far. This serum makes my skin feel and look a lot more healthy and brighter looking. It’s definitely reduced any scarring I had from past blemishes and has helped enormously with my recent skin reaction. This is a product I urge everybody to try!
  • Sudocrem: The Irish Cure-All cream comes to the rescue yet again for my breakouts or redness these past few weeks. I am NEVER without a tub of this and I shudder to think of my life without it.
  • Origins Drink me up Intensive Overnight mask: With everything that’s been going on with my skin lately I needed something to help bring it back to life. I’ve been applying this bad boy 2-3 times a week for a surge of moisture.

Omega 3 tablets

On top of all of the products, I’ve also been trying to up my water intake which of course is obvious but not always the easiest thing to do. I’ve been swapping my normal cuppa with green tea and popping a few Omega 3 tablets morning and night which are great for your skin’s health.

It may not be the routine that will suit everybody’s skin type but it has certainly worked a charm on tackling my skin woes over the past few weeks!

What products are in your current skin care routine? Do you have a certain product that you go to during times of skin catastrophes? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Skincare Tips; What I’ve learned from Caroline Hirons!

Every now and again, somebody comes along and changes the way you think about life. In my early teens it was Oprah, and now that I’m in my early 20’s, it’s skincare extraodonaire Caroline Hirons. A few years ago, I could talk the hind legs off a donkey about make-up, but skincare was still one of those dark mysterious realms that I very rarely dabbled in. Don’t get me wrong, I washed my bloomin’ face but I’m ashamed to admit that more often than not, it was with the dreaded face wipes and whatever cheap moisturiser that was on offer. (Caroline, I can feel you shuddering at the thought!)

Just do it
Just do it

About 2 years ago, I stumbled across a skincare blog that sucked me in after just one blog post. Caroline Hirons is the no bullshit skincare expert of dreams. She cuts out the nonsense that we so often hear from ambassadors of multiple beauty brands, and instead dishes out valuable tips and the good old fashioned truth.

Her blog contains honest reviews of skincare products she has tried and tested herself, “cheat-sheets” where she goes through tips & tricks of skincare, giveaways and even interactive question and answer posts.  If I ever have a skin woe, her blog is my first protocal and i’m never left disappointed. She recently started her own YouTube channel which means yet another way for me to be distracted in the evenings after work. *shakes fist* … Just kidding.. I love it! 🙂

Ok, enough of the love-in, here’s some of my favourite tips that I have learned from Caroline’s blog:

  1. The nonsense that is “active ingredients”:  We’ve all seen it on the bottles of our lotions and potions “Creamy moisturiser with active ingredients of….” ALL ingredients in a product are essentially active as they are in the product for a reason. DUH! It’s simply just a marketing ploy to attract us to buy the product in the first place. How silly do we feel right now!?
  2. Multivitamins aren’t necessarily the best choice:  While we are all sometimes tempted to pop one pill that promises to “have it all”, Caroline explains that sometimes your body may not need a certain substance or in a worst case scenario, might actually work quite badly for your body.  Caroline reacts quite badly with certain B vitamins and instead focuses on supplements such as Fish Oils and Magnesium. Caroline recommends that you should take more time to access what you are really deficient in and take those instead and if you are in doubt to always consult your doctor. This tip was one that caught my attention the most as it’s definitely something I’m guilty of doing. I vow from now on to pay more attention to what my skin and body really needs instead of employing a “fix-all” solution.  More on this here:
  3. Mineral oil is the devil:  This sounds like a very flippant and dramatic statement to make about an oil but in terms of the skin care world, it really is the devil. Caroline has harped on about the negative effects of mineral oil in multiple of her posts and its something that I now try to avoid when buying skin care products. Mineral Oil is essentially a by product of petroleum which clogs your pores and contains some harmful impurities. She states that it has “no benefit to your skin. Whatsoever.” and that it is something that she wouldn’t even put on her own children’s skin. That’s enough to put me off anyway!
  4. Foaming products dry out your skin: When I was an early teen and had SLIGHTLY oily and breakout prone skin I would rush out and buy the most harsh and chemical looking product I could find. I believed that the more dry my skin felt the better as it had cleared off all of the oil. How wrong I was. Drying out your skin, no matter what skin type you have, is bad for everybody and can in turn actually help to create even more oil than there was in the first place. When your skin is overly dried it, it over-compensates by producing even more oil. Nightmare right? Foaming products work at stripping your skin of oil and in turn dry out your skin. In her blog, Caroline recommends that we stay away from them entirely and I agree:  “As a rule – stay clear of ‘foaming’ on the bottle (there is the odd exception, but they are few and far between) – to get foam you need to use a surfactant – and a surfactant turns your skin alkaline. Alkaline skin is like a petri dish for bacteria. The irony being that so many cleansers pushed on to acne/combination skins are foaming”
  5. The uselessness of detox products:  This one made me chuckle the most as I feel the majority of us are red-handed when it comes to harping on and on about detoxing…especially in January. Caroline makes the point that if your body was so full of toxins that you would be very very ill. She suggests ditching the detox products and juice cleanses and instead work on making your body healthy all year around by eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, getting some sunshine (vitamin D) and staying away from the nasty cigarettes. This is definitely one we all want to argue with but there’s no denying that this woman is bloody right! More on this here:

While some of these tips may have been “common knowledge” or obvious to a lot of you, they are things that I admit I didn’t know or denied prior to reading Caroline Hirons blog. If you do one thing this week, I urge you to read her blog and you might just learn something new too!

Urban Decay On the Run Palette; My Thoughts

Urban Decay on the run palette
What a beaut!


I think it’s safe to say that Urban Decay have earned serious props for their palette releases over the past few years. We had the infamous Naked 1, 2 and 3 eyeshadow palettes. Then came the Naked basics range and later in 2014 they hit the mother load with their new all in one “Naked On the Run” palette! I was very lucky to receive this palette as a gift this Christmas (Thanks Netty!) and I’ve been itching to share my thoughts on it ever since.

Urban decay on the run palette review and swatches
Look how pretty!


One first glance, the palette looks every bit luxurious. Its hard-wearing casing has a very decent sized mirror and contains everything you would need to create a flawless natural make-up look:

Urban decay on the run palette review and swatches


  • Full Size Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss in Sesso (rose with pink shimmer)
  • Travel size 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Stag (deep brown)
  • Travel Size Perversion Mascara
  • 6 eyeshadows: Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and 5050
  • 1 bronzer  (medium & matte)
  • 1 blush
  • Perfect travel/ hand-bag friendly sized mirror
Eyeshadow swatches
Eyeshadow swatches

I truly believe that this is a suits-all palette. All of the shades in each product are very wearable and would suit pretty much every skin tone. With the exception of base products, it has literally everything you’d need to create a really lovely fresh make-up look.

The eyeshadow shades don’t disappoint and are just as buttery soft as their Naked palette buddies. They are all a shade of brown  and are nice mixed together or as stand alone shades. The colour 5050 works as both an all over colour for the eyes or as a highlight.

Urban decay on the run palette review and swatches
Bronzer & Blush swatches


The blush included is a goldy- rose suits-all shade; which I think would look fantastic  with bold or natural eyes and the bronzer is a light matte brown which is ideal for contouring any skin tone.

Urban decay on the run palette review and swatches
Eyeliner swatch


The eye liner is a deep brown, the perfect for everyday wear that gives enough smokiness and definition without being too heavy or severe. See? I told you it was great!

Urban decay on the run palette review and swatches

As for the mascara, the wand is a great shape for getting into each individual lash and the formula lasts a really decent time on my lashes. I’m not a lipgloss wearing gal, but even I can appreciate the beauty of the lipgloss included. The shade is an inoffensive rosey colour which adds just enough colour to make it appropriate for everyday wear. The formula isn’t sticky at all and feels quite nourishing on the lips. Well done Urban Decay, Well done!!

Urban decay on the run palette review and swatches

So, the big question is do you NEED it? Like most make-up, you probably need it as much as Katie Price needs a push-up bra, but I think it would make a great addition to any gal who likes to travel light, to someone who is new to the whole “Naked” range and to existing fans a like!

If you’d like to get your hands on this bad boy.. it retails for just under 50 Euro and is available at all good Urban Decay stockists and online… G’wan… 😉

Being a Vegetarian

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


New Years has arrived and  I can almost hear the diet and detox discussions which will take over the world within the next few days. The vegetarian/ vegan diet has been the centre of many health discussions over the past year due to the rise of more and more juices bars and vegan/ veggie friendly cafes and restaurants. I think it’s safe to say that it’s finally “cool” to not eat meat. I have been a complete vegetarian for over 14 years now and I thought it was about time I mentioned in here on my blog. Becoming a vegetarian is a big decision so hopefully this might help a little…

My Vegetarian Background

I won’t bore you with the details as to why I became a vegetarian but I’ll just say that at even at such a young age, I knew it was something I wanted to do.. not just as a phase but for life. I was never a huge meat-eater as a kid and I’ve always been an animal it all just sorta made sense.
People have the misguided assumption that being on a vegetarian diet is uber healthy and of course it can be.. but it’s also very tough to avoid going down a very very unhealthy route.  For example, I found being a vegetarian in college meant A LOT of carbs…pasta, noodles, pizza.. OH MY! To combat this, You need to make sure that you are getting enough fruit and veg…which really is the essence of being a vegetarian and try to limit the amount of heavy carbohydrates at every meal.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The Issue of Iron…(duh duh duh)

It’s not a secret that vegetarianism has been closely associated with anaemia or iron-deficiency. I’m no stranger to the very common comment “You need meat to be strong and healthy”. This statement is false. You can be strong and healthy as a vegetarian… but you need to be a little smarter with your food choices.
My family doctor has never been fully supportive of my vegetarian ways, which is probably due to my anaemic past. Anaemia is essentially a lack of red blood cells which means your body cannot receive the adequate amount of oxygen to function at its best. The symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, pale complexion and so on.
You can avoid iron deficiency very easily by ensuring you take a supplement every day and eating iron rich foods such as:

  • Green leafy veg (spinach, kale and cabbage)
  • Pulses (chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans)
  • Certain cereal products
  • Nuts and dried fruits.

Vegetarian super foods

My Vegetarian Super-foods!

No, us veggies don’t just eat veg and fruit and Yes, a vegetarian diet can be JUST as interesting and diverse as a meat-eaters… you just need a little creativity. There’s a few foods that I make sure to always have in my fridge to add to my meals. Not only are they nutritious but they are also tasty meat -alternatives.

  • Halloumi is an excellent option for vegetarians. I often use it in stir-fries, pittas and wraps as a meat-like substitute. It has a chicken-esque texture and fries in minutes! I am not a fan of Quourn in the slightest so this is where halloumi comes in with dishes where veg just does not cut it!
  • As sad as it may sound, chickpeas are a huge part of my life! Whether its mashed up as humous, oven-baked as a crunchy snack or simply tossed in a salad, they are a delicious ingredient that can jazz up any vegetarian’s meal. They are highly nutritious, containing fibre, protein AND iron.
  • Eggs: There’s lots of controversy surrounding vegetarians eating eggs. I’m just going to put it out there, that I do. It doesn’t harm the animal and I only eat free-range. They are vital in making sure I get enough protein in my diet, you can have them at any meal time and they are awesome at filling you up. Fried, boiled, scrambled, omelettes, quiche… the options are endless and delicious.

Vegetarian resources

If you are still a little unsure of the whole veggie thang or you need more inspiration, there are a few places I like to visit to give me some fresh new ideas.

  1.  Vegetarian Times: : The title says it all really. This is a great all-rounder for vegetarians. Tips, recipes.. its a mini community for vegetarians worldwide.
  2. Naturally Ella: Whenever I’m feeling fancy and want to make something a bit…different. Naturally Ella is my number one go to spot! Her recipes look swish, taste delicious and are surprisingly reasonably easy to make. She has a lovely down to earth chatty way of speaking in her blog..and I hope at some stage we can be vegetarian friends.
  3. Oh She Glows: I’ve already decided Angela from Oh She Glows is my January 2015 inspiration. Her blog is technically Vegan but there’s still some really tasty ideas to take on board. All of her recipes are organic, healthy and guaranteed to have you feeling delish this new year.
  4. Pinterest: Ok, so this may look like a cop-out but honestly, it’s where I get the majority of my veggie meal ideas. I could spend literally HOURS scrooling through pin boards of veggie-friendly breakfasts, smoothie recipes and famous celeb vegetarians.

Vegetarian cookbook

Vegetarian Hot-Spots

So technically this little section is really only applicable to my Irish readers but hopefully some of you will find it interesting nevertheless. Here are a few of my favourite spots to dine in around Dublin:

  • Staple Foods; The sorta place that will not only make your belly happy but also your instagram account. Trendy new cafe-esque spot that does everything from poached eggs to falafel plates.
  • Farm; The definition of clean eating. This place is organic, fresh and delicious. Literally everything tastes AMAZING! Trust me on this.
  • Cornucopia:  A Wholefood/ Vegetarian restaurant serves food alongside a picturesque view and ambient music. Lovely place to take friends or relax on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Govindas: The best for when you are reeeally hungry. Fill your plates to the brim at the buffet with Indian style vegetarian dishes. Lots of choice on offer and great value for your money. Perfect for students or those on a budget!

Vegetarianism shouldn’t just be a diet fad, it should be a lifestyle. So whether you become a vegetarian because of morals or health reasons, make sure it’s because it’s something you really want to do. The rise in vegetarianism has risen hugely over the past decade, with more and more veggie options readily available than ever before. I know I for one, am very glad to no longer being the fussy social outcast but instead the uber-trendy new age vegetarian!

My 2014 Beauty Favourites

Kisses to all of you, my FABULOUS readers!
Kisses to all of you, my FABULOUS readers!

Another year down and another year full to the brim with products that I’ve both loved and loathed. Following true beauty blogger tradition, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of my picks of the best products I’ve used over the past year. I’m not going to go into any reviews (as I’ve already reviewed most of these products in previous posts) but if there is a product you’d really like to read about, let me know and your wish is my command!:)

So without further ado …. *Drumroll please*…..

My 2014 Make-up favourites
My 2014 Make-up favourites


  • Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
  • Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me concealer for blemishes and Maybelline Eraser eye concealer for under-eyes
  • Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder
  • Brows:  Collection Work the Colour Brow Kit
  • Blush: Sleek Blush Trio in “lace”
  • Bronzer: The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
  • Primer: Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro Primer
  • Highlighter:  Nars liquid highlighter in Cococabana
  • Lipstick: MAC lipstick in Russian Red
  • Eyeshadow: Maybelline Color 24hr Tattoo cream shadow in “on and on bronze”
  • Eye-liner: Soap & Glory Supercat liquid black eyeliner pen
  • Mascara: Soap & Glory Thick and Fast super volume mascara
  • Palette: Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette
  • Tool:  Shu Umera Gold Eyelash curlers
  • Brush: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
My 2014 Skin Care favourites
My 2014 Skin Care favourites


  • Cleanser: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Face Wash:  Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 cleanser
  • Moisturiser: Simple Daily Light Moisturiser
  • Toner: Pixi Glo Tonic
  • Serum: Trilogy Rosehip Oil
  • Eye cream: Indeed Labs eysilix eye cream
  • Treatment: Origins Mega Mushroom Relief mask
  • Mask: Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
  • Spot Treatment: Sudocrem
  • Lipbalm: Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm
  • Lip Scrub: Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub
My 2014 Hair Care favourites
My 2014 Hair Care favourites

– Hair-

  • Shampoo: Dove Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Dove Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner
  • Treatment: Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in conditioning spray
  • Tool: The Original Tangle Teezer
  • Dry Shampoo: Dove Refresh & Care Dry Shampoo
  • Hair-Spray: TreSemme Salon Finish Extra Hold spray
My 2014 Body Care Favourites
My 2014 Body Care Favourites


  • Body Moisturiser: The Body Shop body butter in Pomegranate
  • Body Scrub: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
  • Body Wash: Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash
  • Fake Tan: Cocoa Brown Night & Day Mousse Tan
  • Deodorant: dr.Organic Manuka Honey Deodorant
  • Razor: Gilette Spa Breeze Razor
  • Hair removal product: Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads
  • Hand Cream: Soap & Glory Hand Food
  • Fragrance: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
  • Tweezers: HD Brows High Definition Tweezers
  • Nail Polish: Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Porchester Sq.
  • Nail Treatment: OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthening polish

Well that’s it for my 2014 favourite products. Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned? What are your 2014 Favourites?

I’d like to just say a quick thank you to everyone who has read/subscribed/ commented on my blog over the past year! You all make me a very happy hippo!


Irish Beauty Blogger Secret Santa Reveal 2014!

Irish beauty blogger secret Santa reveal 2014

Squeeeeee, the day has FINALLY come for the BIG REVEAL! If some of you didn’t know, I took part in the Irish Beauty Blogger Secret Santa this year run by the lovely Aisling from Total Makeup Addict. Before I get stuck into the reveal, I just want to give serious props to Aisling for running another great year! It’s my first year being involved in the Secret Santa and Aisling made it so easy and enjoyable for everyone. Three cheers for Aisling! 🙂

My Secret Santa was Bernie from Beauty Minx Blog ( and she sent me the most lovely package of goodies:

Look at all the pretty things!!!
Look at all the pretty things!!!

Baylis & Harding Boudoire Collection bath creme and body lotion| Christmassy mug| Glittery touch screen pen| Nail Art accessories| Mini bath soap| Champneys mini body creams| Essence nail polishes| Cute candy cane| Snowman lolly|

You can tell Bernie made so much effort to get personable gifts. She played into my mug addiction which I already love her for and she knew just how much I love to play around with my nails (can’t wait to use my new nail art accessories for Christmas!)

Look how cute this card is!!
Look how cute this card is!!

How lucky am I guys!!? Thank you so much again Bernie, you definitely made Christmas come early in my life this year. Look forward to keeping in touch!

So glad that I took part in the Irish Secret Santa and I’m already looking forward to next years! (hint hint Aisling…. just kidding!)

Have any of you taken part in a Secret Santa this year? What gifts did you give/ receive?


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