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Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #3

  Learning caps at the ready gals and prepare to get beauty-term savvy with my third (mini) instalment of "Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained" 1) Peptides:┬áPeptides are little protein molecules that have an ability to change the way skin cells operate. They encourage skin cells to increase circulation or produce more collagen naturally, among other things.… Continue reading Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #3

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Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #1

With the increase of beauty blogs, beauty magazines and beauty YouTube channels, many new and confusing beauty terms are thrown around at a whim. But when it comes down to it, how many of us actually understand this jargon? When you buy a new product, most of us want to know what's in it and… Continue reading Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #1