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Beauty Myths: Busted #1: Over-using Products

One of  the most annoying beauty myths around is that we need to use large amounts of a product in order to reap the most benefits! We've all read the labels : "Apply a generous layer" ,"slather a thick layer"... while this feels good on your skin and can sometimes be fun, it's also completely… Continue reading Beauty Myths: Busted #1: Over-using Products

Beauty, Beauty Terms, Favourites, health, Make-up, Natural, Random, Review, Skin care, Skin Regime, Tutorial

Take a load off with Clinique

Skincare and myself have quite the turbulent love affair. While I love to try out the latest cult skincare brand or dabble in something I've never tried, my skin simply will not allow it! It's habitual and stubborn and HATES change.  Over the last few month's I've been literally addicted to skincare specialist Caroline Hirron's… Continue reading Take a load off with Clinique