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A tiny slice of …inspiration

    I am the type of person who seeks out the newest "self-help" book. I will recreate my life plan in my head after just one episode of Oprah and I have boards spilling at the seams with motivational quotes on Pinterest. Funnily enough, none of it really ever sticks. A couple of days… Continue reading A tiny slice of …inspiration

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The reading list: August

Last month's reading list went down a treat so I decided to share Augusts' picks with you all.  To Read: "Wherever you go, there you are"-  by Jon Kabat-Zinn Between one thing and another I've been feeling a little bit stressed of late. Most of the books I read are about either somebody who has… Continue reading The reading list: August

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The reading list: July

I read a lot of books and thought it would be fun to share what's waiting on my bookshelf for me in July. To read:   "How to be both" by Ali Smith I bought this second hand from a local charity bookstore about 6-7 months ago. Since then, it has rested on top of… Continue reading The reading list: July

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A quick cuppa and a catch-up…

Phew, the last month has gone by so quickly  in a blur of work, sleep, work, sleep. Sometimes, with all the beauty chatter on here, I forget to check in with y'all. No fear, my usual make-up chit chat will proceed as normal but for now, I thought I'd grab a mug of tea and… Continue reading A quick cuppa and a catch-up…

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Sleepingbootay’s 30 Day Snap #1: Happy Hour!

Hey er'body, today is the very first day of my 30 Day Snap Challenge. If you're not sure what the hell I'm talking about then check out my previous post: ,where it explains all. As some of you may know, I'm a HUGE book nerd and it's pretty much one of my favourite pass times… Continue reading Sleepingbootay’s 30 Day Snap #1: Happy Hour!

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Sunday’s Lustlist #3

Ok, so I'm aware that today is not Sunday. I'm also aware that  yesterday (which was actually Sunday) was a day of putting things off. I literally spent the entire day in bed being lazy and watching multiple episodes of Come Dine with Me. But it's okay, I'm here today, with my third instalment of… Continue reading Sunday’s Lustlist #3