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Eye creams for your mid-twenties

  1.   2. 3.   Ugh... I have officially crossed that line of really having to care and look after my skin. Gone are the face wipes and adhoc double cleansing. Wrinkles are just on the horizon and my resting bitch face isn't helping the matter at all. After years of constantly ignoring eye cream's existence I… Continue reading Eye creams for your mid-twenties

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The Video: Disappointing Products #1

Hey guys, For those of you who don't know already, Sleepingbootay has entered the world of YouTube and my 4th video has just gone live over on my channel now!! Wooh!! Today's video is the first video of a new series I'm hoping to do " Disappointing Products". It's basically just a run down of… Continue reading The Video: Disappointing Products #1

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Take a load off with Clinique

Skincare and myself have quite the turbulent love affair. While I love to try out the latest cult skincare brand or dabble in something I've never tried, my skin simply will not allow it! It's habitual and stubborn and HATES change.  Over the last few month's I've been literally addicted to skincare specialist Caroline Hirron's… Continue reading Take a load off with Clinique

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Sunday’s Lust List #2

Phew.... ANOTHER week gone and that means ANOTHER Sunday's Lust List for y'all. I'll be honest, my week has been mental! Work, work work ....and eh more work! I haven't had much time (or money...whooops) to go into actual shops but I've been doing some internet "window shopping"  and here's the things I NEED (want)… Continue reading Sunday’s Lust List #2