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Sleepingbootay’s Summer-ready Guide: Skin Edition

I'm not gonna lie, I'm an all year-round pamper fiend. I will literally find any excuse to pamper myself and would happily spend hours trailing along the aisles at Boots looking for new products to try out. However, there is something about Summer that makes me go that extra mile during the pampering process. Be… Continue reading Sleepingbootay’s Summer-ready Guide: Skin Edition

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Monday Product Wars (Raaaawwwr) #2 Hand Creams!

Hey guys, It's that time again.. yes... It's a Monday... (boooo) but cheer up.. I have another Product Wars for you and this week I've been contemplating my favourite hand creams. This week however I've been super organised and I've already picked my top 3 in advance so that I can talk a bit more… Continue reading Monday Product Wars (Raaaawwwr) #2 Hand Creams!