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Eye creams for your mid-twenties

  1.   2. 3.   Ugh... I have officially crossed that line of really having to care and look after my skin. Gone are the face wipes and adhoc double cleansing. Wrinkles are just on the horizon and my resting bitch face isn't helping the matter at all. After years of constantly ignoring eye cream's existence I… Continue reading Eye creams for your mid-twenties

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Eye do Eye do believe in eye creams!

See what I did there with the title... Word play..ooooh yeah.....;) Anyway.. Hey guys! I'm baaaack! So so sorry for my absence.. I'm actually off work for the past while on a little mini holiday so I was away for a few days visiting the boyfriend.. But now, I'm back and ready for business! Wooh!… Continue reading Eye do Eye do believe in eye creams!