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Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #2

  Learning caps at the ready guys and prepare to get beauty-term savvy with my second batch of "Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained". Astringent: A toner helpful in controlling surface oils and in lowering the pH after cleansing. Glycolic Acid: This acid works to reduce the build up of excess dead skin cells.  A glycolic peel… Continue reading Beauty Jibber Jabber Explained #2

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Sunday’s Lustlist #3

Ok, so I'm aware that today is not Sunday. I'm also aware that  yesterday (which was actually Sunday) was a day of putting things off. I literally spent the entire day in bed being lazy and watching multiple episodes of Come Dine with Me. But it's okay, I'm here today, with my third instalment of… Continue reading Sunday’s Lustlist #3

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My New Obsession: Polyvore

Ok, so recently a friend suggested I started to use Polyvore for my blogging (Thank you!!!). Like any curious blogger, I'm all about the "hype" so that evening  I went online to see what all the fuss was about. .. and guys I can tell you that, that curiosity has now turned into a full-blown addiction! What… Continue reading My New Obsession: Polyvore

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Sunday’s Lust List #2

Phew.... ANOTHER week gone and that means ANOTHER Sunday's Lust List for y'all. I'll be honest, my week has been mental! Work, work work ....and eh more work! I haven't had much time (or money...whooops) to go into actual shops but I've been doing some internet "window shopping"  and here's the things I NEED (want)… Continue reading Sunday’s Lust List #2

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Poll time! Please vote :)

Hey guys this is just a teeny poll , where I just wanted to ask y'all if you'd like to see more fashion/style/DIY posts on my blog. It's something I've been contemplating so I'd like to hear what you guys think seeing as you are the peeps who read my blog! Really appreciate your opinion...and… Continue reading Poll time! Please vote 🙂