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A tiny slice of …inspiration

    I am the type of person who seeks out the newest "self-help" book. I will recreate my life plan in my head after just one episode of Oprah and I have boards spilling at the seams with motivational quotes on Pinterest. Funnily enough, none of it really ever sticks. A couple of days… Continue reading A tiny slice of …inspiration

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Instant pick-me-ups; My tips

We've all been there, be it from feeling under the weather, tough day at work or just generally feeling down in the dumps, there are days when we all need a pick me up.. Here are a few of my favs that are budget friendly with little or no effort involved. Fluffy socks and a… Continue reading Instant pick-me-ups; My tips

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Hakuna Matata :)

In case you didn't already know.....It means no worries.. 😉 I'm a firm believer that Disney movies have the power to make you happy. Pair that with a huge mug of tea and a slice of cake..and that's pretty much eternal bliss sorted right there! If however you aren't so easily pleased as moi.. read… Continue reading Hakuna Matata 🙂

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Bitches be chillin’…

So today I finished work super super early and had the entire day to myself to do as I wished. I cleared out the entirety of my wardrobe, (which I can assure you is no easy feat!!) and then I settled into my bed for the evening. As I was feeling kinda poopy and not… Continue reading Bitches be chillin’…