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Girls I wish were my B.F.F’s

Forget swooning over Adam Broody in re-runs of the O.C or drawing hearts around the members of 5ive in Shout magazine. These days it's all about the Girl Crush. We all have one... or many; girls that we wish we could sit in our pjs, swap hair tips and fight over the last slice of… Continue reading Girls I wish were my B.F.F’s

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My Current Favourites :)

I'm far too flaky and un-organised to keep up with the whole "monthly favourites" jig, so I thought it would make more sense to share my current favourites; things I've been using and enjoying over the past while! -The Body Shop Body Butter in Passion Fruit: Let's be fair, they are all bloomin' marvelous but… Continue reading My Current Favourites 🙂