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A tiny slice of …inspiration

    I am the type of person who seeks out the newest "self-help" book. I will recreate my life plan in my head after just one episode of Oprah and I have boards spilling at the seams with motivational quotes on Pinterest. Funnily enough, none of it really ever sticks. A couple of days… Continue reading A tiny slice of …inspiration

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The reading list: August

Last month's reading list went down a treat so I decided to share Augusts' picks with you all.  To Read: "Wherever you go, there you are"-  by Jon Kabat-Zinn Between one thing and another I've been feeling a little bit stressed of late. Most of the books I read are about either somebody who has… Continue reading The reading list: August

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The Event: NeoStrata Skincare Christmas Pamper Evening

(Wooh... take that for a whopper of a blog title) Aaaaanyway... It's not every day that you are invited to a swanky event so when I was kindly contacted by one of my favourite PR companies and asked to attend a blogger event.. I couldn't RSVP quick enough! Being a complete newbie to this brand,… Continue reading The Event: NeoStrata Skincare Christmas Pamper Evening

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Sleepingbootay’s Guide to: Battling the Bloat

Yet again I'm comin' at you with a very non-glamorous but necessary beauty post. As you know, the festive season is pretty much upon us which means we need to look our best for any impromptu parties that come our way however, this can often be hindered by a bloated and uncomfortable belly. Battling the… Continue reading Sleepingbootay’s Guide to: Battling the Bloat

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Happy Halloween!!!

I'mma be honest and say I'm not a huge fan of Halloween but I won't say no to any holiday that incorporates eating a ridiculous amount of sweets all day! When I was a child, I used to love dressing up, trick-or-treating, the whole sha-bang but I can't help feel that the older I get,… Continue reading Happy Halloween!!!

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Bitches be chillin’…

So today I finished work super super early and had the entire day to myself to do as I wished. I cleared out the entirety of my wardrobe, (which I can assure you is no easy feat!!) and then I settled into my bed for the evening. As I was feeling kinda poopy and not… Continue reading Bitches be chillin’…