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Sleepingbootay’s Bedside Beauty

P.J's on. Check. Teeth Brushed. Check. Bedtime tea made. Check. Bedtime beauty routine... huh? Yep that's right, I have a bedtime beauty routine. My bedside locker is more than just a bookshelf, here, I like to keep a few products that I need right before bedtime. All day we primp and preen ourselves with various… Continue reading Sleepingbootay’s Bedside Beauty

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Sleepingbootay Life: Don’t worry, be Happy?

I always say, if there was one thing I could change about myself, it would be to worry and stress less. I worry and stress about everything from the extreme right down to the teeniest of problems. I even find myself worrying about things that have not or probably never will happen. Sometimes the worry… Continue reading Sleepingbootay Life: Don’t worry, be Happy?

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Beauty and the (stress) Beast

Hey Guys, So today I was thinking about stress and how prominently it exists in our world today. Personally, I get stressed so much, even over the teeniest of things and I know from experience that this stress has some undesirable effects. Of course stress can cause some dangerous health effects such as heart problems, high blood pressure,… Continue reading Beauty and the (stress) Beast