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The Video: Disappointing Products #1

Hey guys, For those of you who don't know already, Sleepingbootay has entered the world of YouTube and my 4th video has just gone live over on my channel now!! Wooh!! Today's video is the first video of a new series I'm hoping to do " Disappointing Products". It's basically just a run down of… Continue reading The Video: Disappointing Products #1

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Sleepingbootay’s First YouTube Video: My Current Favourites

That's right guys... Consider the YouTube bandwagon well and truly jumped on. I've FINALLY uploaded my very first YouTube video and I'm bloomin' excited (and nervous) about it! I hope to post videos quite regularly and maybe start incorporating some more tutorials and hauls. I would love if you could subscribe to my channel and… Continue reading Sleepingbootay’s First YouTube Video: My Current Favourites