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Aaaaaaaand the Winner is….

Hey guys! This is gon' be a reeeeal short post cause it is currently 2am here in Ireland and I'm slightly overtired and hyper so I need to keep the crazy delirium to a minimum. ┬áDespite this, I had to come on and announce the winner of my most recent giveaway. As usual, the winner… Continue reading Aaaaaaaand the Winner is….

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Viviscal Giveaway Winner! Hurrah!

Hey Guys, This is going to be a reeeeeaally short post (I mean it this time, I swear) as I'm sorta supposed to be getting ready for work. But I had to just come on here and let you guys know that the winner of my Viviscal giveaway has been randomly selected and I am… Continue reading Viviscal Giveaway Winner! Hurrah!

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*Drum roll* Aaaaaaand the winner is…..

Hey guys, Yes as you may have guessed from the title.. today I'm gonna be announcing the winner of my most recent giveaway! The time has absolutely flown and I just want to thank each and every one of you that has entered this competition and everyone who follows me in general! Ye all are… Continue reading *Drum roll* Aaaaaaand the winner is…..

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*Drum roll* Aaaaand the winner is……

Yes, you are seeing correctly. You're eyes are not deceiving you... this is the end of ANOTHER giveaway on my blog! ...and yes that is a sequined moustache... Firstly,I want to thank absolutely everybody who entered this competition! Unfortunately because I'm not rich, there can only be one winner. *sadface* ┬áLike the last time, the… Continue reading *Drum roll* Aaaaand the winner is……