Beauty on a budget: The Make-up Edition

There is nothing more frustrating than opening up your favourite glossy mag or catching up on a new blog post and coming across a product (or in my case products! ) that you feel you cannot live without….and then you see the hefty price tag. Eeeeek!  While I love to splurge on the “latest thing” from time to time, I also take comfort in knowing that my local Boots can satisfy my beauty product buying needs without breaking the bank. This blog post is going to be your complete guide on how to buy beauty (make-up) on a recession friendly budget! So tighten your purse strings gals, we are about to get frugal! ( Best make yourself a cuppa though, this bad boy is a long one!)

Recession friendly beauty buys! :)
Recession friendly beauty buys! 🙂

#Nailvarnish: Ever since I had my own money to buy my own nail varnish, I’ve been buying Barry M! They are hands down my favourite polishes out there. They come in an amazing amount of colours, great colour pay-off and they last for aaaages! My favourite colour at the moment has got to be Raspberry!

Just a few from my hefty Barry M collection

#Foundation: Foundation is a tricky one, as we are often advised to go high-end when it comes to base. I beg to differ however, as I have found some pretty darn good versions in the drugstore. Revlon have been a firm favourite of mine when it comes to foundation for quite some time now. Their Colourstay foundation is nothing short of a miracle for anyone with oily skin looking for a high coverage lasting foundation and their newly released Nearly Naked foundation is great for those lusting after a more natural finish. Other than Revlon, Rimmel have been churning out some great ones the past few years with their raved about (and a personal favourite of mine) Wake me Up and their new release Stay Matte Mousse foundation, which I have a review coming out about very soon (stay tuned).

My pick of the drugstore foundations

#Blusher: For me the difference between a good and a bad blusher is very obvious. For someone with a slightly more oily skin type, I need a blush that will stick with me through thick and thin. The best I’ve found in drugstores have been surprisingly from one of the cheapest brands out there Natural Collection! Their blushers are so good that they have been said to be pretty much dupes of high end MAC versions especially their Peach Melba which is a gorgeous shade. Another cheap alternative is the Sleek blushes which are famous for their high pigmentation. These bad boys will probably last you a life time as you really only need the slightest amount for maximum effect!

#Lipstick: Again when it comes to Lipstick I find it very hard to pull myself away from the MAC counters as I feel they really do it best when it comes to a good lippy! HOWEVER, Rimmel’s Kate Moss Edition lipsticks are a close second with some pretty amazing dupes. Shade number 107 in the lasting finish ranges is my go-to shade for this autumn so far! If gloss is more your style, Rimmel’s Apocolips are for you! Kind of a cross between a lipstick and a gloss, this bad boy ain’t leaving your lips in a hurry! They come in a great variety of shades and look glossy without being sticky!

Some cheap lippy!

#Bronzer: I put my hands up and admit that I am not a bronzer gal at all, being naturally ghostly pale does not suit a very bronzed up look so I try to stay clear from the stuff. When I’m feeling fancy I gravitate towards my Nars Laguna bronzer for some light contouring but when the money is tight and for daily use Rimmel’s Sun shimmer is a good ol favourite of mine!

Cheap and bronzed up!

#Powder: I wish for this one I could give you several suggestions, but I have to be completely honest with you, when it comes to drugstore powders, I have one love and one love only; Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder! This powder is unbelievable for keeping the dreaded shine at bay and giving my make-up a really lovely finish. I also own MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish and I’ve gotta say I think the Rimmel is better! (shock* horror*) Other than Rimmel, the only other drugstore powder I have tried is Soap & Glory’s “One heck of a blot” which was pretty darn good as well but I feel that nothing will ever live up to my precious Stay Matte powder!

My hero!

#Mascara: When it comes to mascara, I feel that drugstores OWN IT! I think it’s the one beauty product that they have well and truly nailed and I feel I would be completely happy never buying a high-end mascara. Talking of specific brands, L’Oreal or Maybelline come up tops when I think of good quality mascaras. My personal favourite is the Maybelline Falsies mascara which gives incredible length and volume without looking clumpy.

Drugstore= Mascara heaven!!

#Eyeshadow: For me, this was the hardest category to choose from because I literally live on my Urban Decay Naked palette! I will say though that the Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo cream eyeshadows are my favourite drugstore eyeshadows! They last pretty much the entire day, they are easy to work with and they look really great on the eye with minimal effort. I use shade “On and on bronze” pretty much every day as a base for my Naked palette eyeshadows and sometimes on its own when I’m feeling extra lazy. If you’re more of a powder shadow guuurl, then the little Bourjois eyeshadow pots will be right up your alley with choices of shimmer and matte, you are spoiled for choice!

Yay for budget eyeshadows!

#Concealor: Again, just like with mascara, the drugstore is like concealor heaven. Pretty much every brand in the drugstores have come out with some good concealor or another and I’ve tried so many great ones. Of course there’s Collection’s Lasting perfection concealer which has now become almost a cult buy for its lasting power and amazing coverage,  But recently I’ve been trying Maybelline’s Stay Put concealer and I’m really liking the finish it gives…a lot less cakey and heavy than Collection’s one.

#Primer: This was a toughie as I feel primers are best bought from a higher more expensive brand as they can be such an essential part of a make-up look.  Saying that I do like and use regularly the Seventeen’s Matte primer as it keeps that pesky shine away and keeps my foundation on all day and evening. Revlon’s Photoready primer is also great, especially for nights out because it stops the light reflecting back at the camera lense cause flashback face! Overall though, I will admit that if you have to splurge on any one item, I would go for primer such as Benefits Porefessional or Smashbox’s Photo finish

#Eyeliner: I use eyeliner pretty much every single day so its the last thing I would want to be paying big bucks for every second week! Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliners are amazing and do the job perfectly. They are soft on my uber sensitive eyes but have great lasting power and very blendable! For liquid eyeliner again, you have such a great array of choice at your fingertips in any good drugstore, a few of my favourites are from Collection and Rimmel but Bourjois and Soap & Glory have some pretty great ones out right now for creating the perfect feline flick!

So there you go gals, enough bargaining advise to give Scrouge a run for his money! (Geddit?…ha!?)

Beauty on a budget!

I would love to hear from you and any beauty bargains you have come across or have your eye on at the moment, leave them in a comment below! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Beauty on a budget: The Make-up Edition

  1. Totally agree with the Maybelline 24 hour eyeshadow, I use that every day and it never fails me. Lipstick wise, I think Maybelline really have got the best selection of colours and quality at the moment. And for nail varnishes, I would definitely recommend Revlon. Great range, colours, brushes and prices. There’s always something there however much you decide to spend on yourself 😀 xxx

    1. Oooh I must try some Maybelline lipsticks! Any colour recommendation? And I definitely agree with you on the Revlon varnishes! Amazing! Currently wearing their shade Vamp right now! Thanks so much for the comment! 🙂 xx

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