Sleepingbootay’s Bedside Beauty

P.J’s on. Check. Teeth Brushed. Check. Bedtime tea made. Check. Bedtime beauty routine… huh?

Yep that’s right, I have a bedtime beauty routine. My bedside locker is more than just a bookshelf, here, I like to keep a few products that I need right before bedtime. All day we primp and preen ourselves with various different products, and I believe that bedtime should be no different.

bedside beauty

  • Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm: Night-time is pretty much the only time I have to really let products seep in and do their magic. This means, I get the chance to use my most heavy, moisturising and consequently my favourite lip balm; the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. After every application, I wake up in the morning with “new” lips that feel truly looked after! Hurrah!
  • The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream: This hand cream takes its’ sweet time to dry on my hands so it was swiftly moved from my handbag to my bedside locker. It’s perfect for night-time application, especially if paired with some cotton moisturising gloves to lock in as much moisture as possible. If you aren’t a fan of the Hemp version, the Body Shop offer some other seriously good hand creams with different scents at the same great quality.
  • My trusty Sudocrem: I really shouldn’t have to go too much into this, as I’m sure you’re all aware of my undying love for Sudocrem. It’s multi-purpose and my good ol’ trusty holy grail spot reliever. Any time I feel a pesky spot coming on or even a little eczema irritation I pop on a blob of this and let it do its’ thang! If you’d like to read more about me professing my love to Sudocrem here’s a link to a previous post ……. it gets deep guys, you have been warned!
  • Rescue Remedy: Night-time should be a time for us all to wind down and calm our minds, unfortunately for me, my body does the opposite. To be honest, I seem to get my most worry-monsters and panicky moments at night-time. This can really disrupt your sleep and result in a very cranky moody morning. A few drops of Rescue Remedy before bed, helps to calm my nerves and get me into a sleeping groove.
  • Burt’s Bees lemon cuticle cream: I’m the first to hold up my hands and confess that I do tend to skip cuticles when it comes to my nail care. However, Burt’s Bees makes it a whole lot easier and enjoyable with their lemon cuticle cream. I don’t know if it really does much for my cuticles, but heck it smells amazing and that’s really all that matters, eh?!

Finished off with a piping hot mug of tea and my current novel and I’m good to go,

Night guys,


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